Connecticut Gives Up Banning Cameraphones In Court Rooms

from the still-can't-use-them,-though dept

It’s been somewhat amusing watching as various folks overreacted to the rise of cameraphones over the past few years, with some companies banning them entirely, and a few clueless industry analysts insisting that they were just a fad that should be banned from any workplace. However, as cameraphones have become much more common, it seems that this mass hysteria is, thankfully, dying down. Over in Connecticut, they’ve even backed down on a rule that banned cameraphones in the court room. You’re still not allowed to use them, but the courts realized now that nearly every mobile phone is a cameraphone, that it was becoming ridiculously time consuming to stop everyone from entering the courthouse, and make them tag and bag every mobile phone for storage and later pickup. Apparently, the lines to get into the courthouse were getting rather long.

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Comments on “Connecticut Gives Up Banning Cameraphones In Court Rooms”

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Yakko Warner says:

Re: It's been tried.

Google “court room cell phone ring” for the case of the judge who threw over 40 people in jail when a cell phone went off in his courtroom and no one would admit to it.

Of course, that was over the top.

It would probably be just as disruptive trying to hunt down the offending cell phone as the phone going off itself. Although if the person got the phone out and started talking on it, disrupting the courtroom… Hmm, are there provisions already in place for disruptions, like if two people were talking loudly in the audience?

Oh wait, that would be using existing laws and rules effectively. I forgot; we’re supposed to come up with new rules banning every possible unique distraction in every situation. How silly of me to forget.

Greg says:

Re: Re: It's been tried.

“Google “court room cell phone ring” for the case of the judge who threw over 40 people in jail when a cell phone went off in his courtroom and no one would admit to it.?”

I’d have liked to see that judge try to put me in jail over someone elses phone ringing. I don’t even own a cell phone (yep, I’m a dinosaur in this area.) Said judge would have been teabagged. Or maybe I would just sue the court for wrongful imprisonment….

Joe Mullin (profile) says:

camera phones in courtrooms

Two years ago I was a reporter covering crime in Seattle and I was one of the last ones without a camera phone. At that time they would let you into the courtroom in the county jail building with a phone, but not with a camera; if you had a camera in your phone, as most reporters did, you had to leave it up front. It was a big advantage to me not having a camera phone then.

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