Is The FCC Just Toying With XM And Sirius Now?

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The 18-month saga of XM and Sirius trying to merger just keeps getting more and more ridiculous. Yesterday, we pointed to all of the silly hoops the FCC was trying to make the companies go through, that often had absolutely nothing to do with antitrust issues, and today comes the news that the FCC has fined the companies nearly $20 million for technical violations as some sort of precursor to merger approval. What do these technical violations have to do with the antitrust questions the FCC is supposed to be deciding? Absolutely nothing. Instead, it appears that the FCC is simply using its position as the decider over whether or not the merger goes through to get whatever licks in that it can against the two satellite radio companies, knowing that they’ll have to obey quietly. Its like hazing. Because XM and Sirius need the approval of the FCC, it can just do anything it wants to them, such as adding bizarre requirements or even asking them to hand over $20 million.

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Comments on “Is The FCC Just Toying With XM And Sirius Now?”

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Darksurf says:

Can you say balanced power?

Hell, our government has somewhat checks and balances so why the hell can nobody get on the FCC’s ass an say, “hey, you all risk losing your jobs for being dumbasses and crooks” The FCC is as bad as a monopoly or dictatorship.

Oh, and Bob, That was one of the most stupid comments I think I’ve read in a long time. Rep. or Dem. has nothing to do with this issue. Please don’t spread your stupidity among the others. Besides, you have read non of Obama’s books nor do you know nothing of what he did in his recent visit to our troops. I’ve read his books and know what he has done and been doing. He’s a crook and You obviously have no clue of whats going on, so don’t show your ignorance in public if you don’t want to be publicly humiliated.

Pope Ratzo (profile) says:

The main thing I want to know about this merger is whether the FCC will require XM and Sirius to give back one of the broadcast licenses they have so it can be auctioned off.

If they are going to be one company, then it’s absolutely a breach of anti-trust for them to own both of the licenses for satellite broadcast.

I know the last eight years have been one big pig-out for the corporations of America, but now that we’ve got some non-GOP lawmakers in Washington, they might want to start putting things back the way they’re supposed to be.

And by “supposed to be”, I mean “according to the law”.

alternatives says:

Please don’t spread your stupidity among the others.

You could start by taking your own advice.

He’s a crook

Ok – prove it. But take it somewhere else.

and You obviously have no clue of whats going on, so don’t show your ignorance in public if you don’t want to be publicly humiliated.

Again, you should look in the mirror. Your ‘rant’ has little to do with the topic at hand.

Mike may very well be right – the 20 mil fine could very well be an expression of ‘we are the government and you’ll take what we give’. The rant of ‘darksurf’ does not bother to address that position

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