Monster Cable's Lawyers Realize That Even A Moron In A Hurry Knows The Difference Between A Salt Lick And A TV Cable

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Monster Cable has a long history of abusing trademark law to threaten and/or sue pretty much any company that uses the name “Monster” in its brand. That has included the TV show Monster Garage, a clothing store called MonsterVintage, Disney for the movie Monsters, Inc., the makers of Monster Energy drink, the Chicago Bears for having the nickname “Monsters of the Midway,” and the Boston Red Sox for offering “Monster seats” on top of their famous “Green Monster” wall. We recently noted that it had also gone after Monster Mini Golf.

Of course, that’s not how trademark law works. It doesn’t give Monster Cable total control over the name Monster. It just gives the company the right to prevent others from using the brand in the same market in a way that is likely to confuse consumers. It’s difficult to believe that anyone would think that Monsters, Inc., was somehow from Monster Cable. But, on and on it goes — though, it appears that Monster Cable’s lawyers were finally convinced to drop one suit. An anonymous reader points us to the news that Monster Cable has withdrawn its trademark challenge against the makers of Monster Deer Block, a salt and mineral lick designed to attract wild deer. Apparently, some lawyers for the makers of Monster Deer Block persuaded Monster Cable’s lawyers that there was little chance of consumer confusion between the product and the makers of expensive audio/video cabling.

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Comments on “Monster Cable's Lawyers Realize That Even A Moron In A Hurry Knows The Difference Between A Salt Lick And A TV Cable”

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Willton says:

Lawyers don't make these decisions

Keep in mind that the lawyers for Monster Cable are not the ones calling the shots. The lawyers for Monster Cable are mere agents for the company; they don’t typically have the authority to make the decisions of who to target and whether to sue or settle. Those decisions are made by the decision makers: the executive officers or the board of directors. If you’re looking to blame someone, blame them.

Scott says:

Re: Lawyers don't make these decisions

But they can advise the company executives on whether proposed suits have legal basis.

They could say, “Sir, any judge will throw this case out of court.”

And the PR/Marketing department needs to understand how this alienates potential customers. I for one would rather see a tech company spend their money on improving product lines than on frivolous lawsuits.

Oh, and don’t Monsters of the Midway and The Green Monster predate Monster Cable?

dick troll (profile) says:

Re: Lawyers don't make these decisions

Don’t blame me for helping you do something stupid, unethical or wasteful-I’m just your lawyer/agent. Poppycock. If Monster has a history of engaging in needless or heavy handed threats involving the trademark MONSTER then either they should fire their in house laywer(s) their greedy outside counsel or the management blinded by hubris

Anonymous Coward says:

Re: Re: Re:2 Just Boycott the Bastards

Aptly named. I agree with AC above. There, their, they’re, theirs, there’s. This is a set of words that call for extra attention when used. Like it’s and its or too, two and to. It takes you half a second to reread and keeps you from looking like an ass.

Greg says:

People actually buy them???

I’m surprised that people actually still buy Monster Cables, seeing as nothing about them is monstrous except for the price… Oh the comedy. (I’ll be here all week try the veal.)

I was just visiting a friend and he was needing some rewiring done on his gear… “oh lets go to bestbuy…” you know the story. People assume that bright colors and clear packaging means good quality. WTF Old job, boss was obsessed with monster cables, insisted we use nothing but, insisting that they are the best quality… mind you we were running about… oh i’d say a mile+ in total of cat6. We wound up going over his head and explained the absurdity of his notions… you can imagine the conversations so I wont go into them here. But it goes back to, the packaging is worth the 300% markup for the word monster. If it could actually summon creatures of the nether world, fine I’d pay it.

Instead of laughing at our uninformed brethren we should be doing our best to educate them about alternative cabling sources.

Friends dont let friends buy monster cables.

travis says:

It would be nice to see someone with alot of capital,like say the chicogo bears organization, to flip the suit back on Monster cable, since they have been the “monster”s of the midway since long before monster cable came along, and is easily demonstratable, so if its ok for monster to raise these rediculous suits, then it would be perfectly aceptble for someone else to sue them. That would make me smile 🙂

Emilio says:

When you’re in a hurry, and running over to Best Buy ’cause they’re the only close place likely to have it, and you go in and look at the shelves, and see more and more Monster brand, and fewer and fewer Belkins, say, or whatever less expensive house brand they might also carry, you come to the conclusion that there’s some high-margin collusion goin’ on between BB and MC. If they only carry MC, that’s what you’re gonna end up paying for, rather than not hooking up the new gizmo until the following week, when the UPS guy finally shows up with it…

cheap electric cable instead of monster cable says:

the alternative

You can use cheap brown electrical wire that can be found at your local hardware store. The same kind that is often used for lamp cords. It’s better than Monster Cable because the sound is the same** and the price is much cheaper.

** Google “monster cable wire coat hanger” minus the quotes.

Scott says:

Re: the alternative

Better to use actual large gauge stereo wire. It’s cheaper than electrical cord and has the advantage that one side will have a stripe or other distinguishing marks to allow you to keep your polarity straight. Comes on big spools at a fraction of the price that Monster charges.

For audiophiles, Monster Cable may fall between inferior and acceptable. But for anyone who isn’t a serious audiophile, high end cabling doesn’t provide a noticeable benefit. In other words, until the cabling is providing most of the quality loss, there’s not much sense in upgrading to hobbyist quality stuff.

esteban DeJesus says:

Re: the alternative

I don’t understand all this bashing about cables, every industry (especially in the consumer driven US) has higher end products and costlier versions.. cloths, cars, houses its is everywhere. it is called a free market.
you really think 18-20 guage lamp cord will preform and last as long as quality speaker wire? wow what ignorance!
at least your post is generic enough, most of the bashers lead readers competitor cables or alternative locations to purchase on line, which is piggy-backing on monster name recognition, because the product they want to promote/sell will never generate the hits on their own merits.

PRMan (profile) says:

Lamp cable or speaker wire

Just be careful if you are using long runs of lamp cable. It is unshielded, which means you will pick up lots of noise on the line (buzz, hum, that sort of thing, or snow on video).

I knew a church once that thought like that, and then they wondered why they got police radio in the middle of their services sometimes. At sufficient lengths, the unshielded wire becomes an antenna for a given frequency.

Don’t take this as me recommending overpriced Monster Cable, because I am not. Most audiophiles will go for something like Monoprice or Blue Jeans Cable, two companies that are high quality at a slightly above average price.

john doe says:

There’s a recent Monster cable “review” on the Web somewhere, where a guy very carefully stages a blind comparison of Monster cables to other products. His MonsterCable-fan brother couldn’t tell the difference between MonsterCable and coat-hanger wire. Literally, coat hangers that have been straightened and stripped of varnish, and then used as speaker cables. Sounded just as good, to a blindfolded listener!

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