Microsoft Keeps DRM Servers Alive For Now; Won't Screw Over Own Customers For A Few More Years

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For years, we’ve given examples of how DRM ends up screwing over customers one way or another. One of the most obvious ways is when that DRM requires files to “check in” over the internet to work, and the company that manages the “check in” server takes it down. That’s what’s Microsoft announced it was doing with its incredibly-misnamed “PlaysForSure” DRM servers back in April. This was, effectively, going back on the terms of the deal they offered to music buyers. Following the outcry in response, however, it appears that Microsoft has reconsidered, saying that it will keep the servers running at least until 2011. So for the 35 people or so who bought into the PlaysForSure system, you have another 3 years to find new DRM-free sources of music.

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Comments on “Microsoft Keeps DRM Servers Alive For Now; Won't Screw Over Own Customers For A Few More Years”

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Anonymous Coward says:

Re: Re: Re:

You people are so disingenuous. You know that when it is billed as beneficial to the consumer, what they mean is that it is the only way Big Content is comfortable releasing its content digitally, and without it they wont.. and therefore DRM enables the release of digital content where there would otherwise be none–and this is definitely beneficial to the consumer.

Of course, all of us here are entirely certain that the whole system will eventually collapse and it will just all be freely available.

But in the meantime, it is definitely net beneficial–even though it has its own intrinsic downsides.

Freedom says:

Virtualize and Forget It....

Seems to me that it would be fairly simple to just virtualize the server(s) and then forget it. The users will diminish over time the cost to run the virtualized servers has to be minimal (definitely much less than the PR nightmare).

Review the server requests and when the #s make it such that it cost justifies, shut them down and if anyone calls to complain, offer them a refund.

Just my 2 carbon credits worth…


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