UK Police Accused Of Violating Copyright By Listening To Music In Police Stations

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While we’ve seen performing rights groups like ASCAP be overly aggressive in trying to collect money from anyone holding a “performance” of music, it seems that the UK’s “Performing Right Society” (PRS) is pushing the boundaries even more. This is the same group that we noted last year had sued a bunch of auto mechanics for listening to radios in their garages loud enough that customers in the waiting room could hear them. Yes, the PRS insisted that this required a performance license.

It appears that PRS representatives just go around the UK these days trying to see if they can hear music anywhere. One den of piracy that they discovered? Police stations! Yes, they’re now accusing 34 police stations with failing to pay for a license because officers were listening to music loud enough that others could hear it. These would be the same police that are out arresting people recently for “Conspiracy To Defraud The Music Industry.” Perhaps they should be checking themselves out as well.

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Comments on “UK Police Accused Of Violating Copyright By Listening To Music In Police Stations”

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Anonymous Coward says:

Re: So.....

screw sarcasim, fine those annoying fuckers through the teeth

I’d litteraly probably shit myself if the same people who went about blaring their bass didn’t drop a brick themselves if you were blaring some good old fashion bluegrass parked outside their hosue.

But hey, hopefully in 4 years we wont have to worry about anything; we can only pray we’re so forutnate.

Brandon says:

Music at work

When I worked a movie theater, we used to play movie soundtrack CDs through the building that was heard in the theaters between movies and in the lobby. Eventually, they stopped that for what I thought was an outrageous fear of being sued for not having the license to play that music. Instead they switched to cheezy instrumental public domain CDs. I guess it wasn’t such an outrageous fear after all!

John Wilson (profile) says:

SOCAN did this about a decade ago

SOCAN, the Canadian equivalent of ASCAP. went on a rampage in the 90s threatening barber shops, hair stylists, small resturants and so on because they even dared to have the radio on!

Pay up or else!

Even voice mail systems got nailed. (Even though we all know how well telephone lines transmit music, apparently SOCAN figured people would call into the system to listen to opera or something.)

Today we get silence, Muzak or CBC radio.

That surely made for a lot of paid up licenses didn’t it?



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