Craigslist Responds To eBay: I Know You Are, But What Am I?

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After eBay released its side of the story in the eBay-Craigslist lawsuit, we noted that it looked pretty damning against Craigslist, but we wanted to hear Craig and Jim’s side of the story. Well, their initial response isn’t all that convincing. At best, it highlights a few points in the lawsuit and claims “but eBay did the same thing!” But, that’s not at all accurate, unfortunately. eBay isn’t suing Craigslist because it has a poison pill, or because it wants a staggered board or the right of first refusal agreement — as Craigslist implies. It’s suing because Craig and Jim put those provisions in place by themselves, without the wider consent of the board or eBay as a significant shareholder. In other words, Craigslist’s response isn’t on the meat of the lawsuit, and appears to be missing the point entirely. One would hope that their response in court has more substance.

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Comments on “Craigslist Responds To eBay: I Know You Are, But What Am I?”

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jd says:

Wow, a lot of highly irrelevant posts.

Anyway, the argument is poor mainly because few people have the faintest idea what this article is referencing. It’s not like it is an issue that is ramphant in the media.

A link would be very helpful. In which case, Craig’s list it itself is rather shady, and so it’s ebay. Granted Craig’s is haven for the lowly and not necessarily the nerd in the basement.

lecllc1157 says:

Did eBay break the law or fly below the radar?

eBay is out to dominate any competitor they perceive as a threat to their way of thinking, even if that domination might break the law.

For people who are new to the eBay boycott being supported internationally:

As per eBay’s new “restructuring” policies and changes, if you want to sell on eBay, you must allow eBay to:

1. Steal your right to leave honest feedback

2. Force an unfair DSR system.

a) Punishing you for favorable ratings between “Good Transaction” & Excellent Transaction”

3. Hide your listings in “Best Matches”, but not tell you how placings are calculated.

4. Force you to accept PayPal.

5. Put “WARNING” signs on your listings for not offering PayPal.

6. To refund YOUR money (via PayPal) to a customer at PayPal ‘s sole discretion.

7. Withhold your funds for 21+ days, via PayPal.

8. Hide your bidders’ IDs.

9. Pad their listing numbers.

10. Lie to the media.

11. Give bad customers coupons, so they will continue to abuse sellers.

12. Increase your FVF by 67%, at their whim.

13. Withhold performance discounts from you.

14. Throw away your feedback percentages, except for the last 12 months.

15. Remove your auctions and not notify you why.

16. Censor your opinions and ban you for those opinions.

17. Red flag your auctions and put others listings on them.

18. Ruin their own reputation by protecting scammers.

19. Make you pay for their mistakes.

Boycott eBay, and the monopoly they’ve created!


The International Boycott IS ALIVE & WELL!

Join the N.O.I.S.E. & Boycott Feebay / Rapepal.

Boycott May 1st and beyond.


If you are boycotting eBay, please add your name to the map at:

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