Patriots Still Want 19-0 Trademark; So They Can Pretend They Had A Perfect Season

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Right before the Super Bowl this year, we noted that the New England Patriots had filed for a trademark on “19 – 0” to be used in merchandise commemorating what the team believed would be the culmination of an undefeated season. This, by itself, was rather ridiculous, as the idea that one team could trademark its won-loss record seems totally unacceptable. It also showed off a bit of hubris, which got knocked back down to earth by Eli Manning and the NY Giants in an unexpected upset of the Patriots in the Super Bowl. However, it appears that the Patriots are still pursuing the trademark despite its final record of 18-1. The Smoking Gun noticed that a lawyer for the team recently updated the trademark application, fixing a typo (changing “toy bans” to “toy banks”) which suggests that the team still wants the trademark, despite not having actually won the Super Bowl and not actually having a 19-0 record. Perhaps the team figures that it talked about it enough that people will actually think it was undefeated, allowing the Patriots to cash in on the term. Or maybe the team figures that if it can’t own a 19-0 record, no one should be able to. Either way, when the story first broke, the NY Post had jokingly applied for a trademark on 18-1. If the Patriots really do continue to pursue this 19-0 trademark, then hopefully the Post will continue to pursue its trademark as well.

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Comments on “Patriots Still Want 19-0 Trademark; So They Can Pretend They Had A Perfect Season”

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Dave's Football Blog (user link) says:

Pat Riley

Maybe they got the idea from Pat Riley. Back in 1992, when Riley was coaching the New York Knicks, he registered the trademark for “Threepeat” after the Chicago Bulls won their *second* NBA title in 1992, so he could cash in just in case the Bulls won a third.

The only difference here is that the Patriots are buying an empty trademark. Nobody’s going to go 19-0 anytime soon, and they proved it.

PaulT (profile) says:

Re: Pat Riley

No, I’d say there’s a big difference. In the first case, a made-up word (threepeat) would be registered. Now, whether Riley had himself made up the word or not would be something that might be questioned, but using a made-up word as a trademark is perfectly fine. There are many other ways to describe winning 3 titles.

This one on the other hand was trying to trademark *the score itself*. If it were to be successful, no other team would be able to describe their undefeated season without violating the trademark in some way. Very stupid, and it would be a travesty if this were trademarked.

“Nobody’s going to go 19-0 anytime soon”

Who knows? Maybe it’ll happen next season, maybe in 50 seasons. The thing is, this trademark would adversely affect anyone who did achieve that, and as such shouldn’t be allowed.

PopeRatzo (profile) says:

Re: Pat Riley

There’s another difference:

“Threepeat” is a neologism. “19-0” is a won-loss record that many teams have achieved in various sports and many more will in the future. If they are granted this trademark, our system is absolutely beyond repair and ought to be dismantled and/or ignored. Certainly subverted at every opportunity.

I mean, if they had tried to trademark “The New England Patriots went 18-1 in 2007” it would make more sense than the notion of trademarking simply three digits and a dash.

Can I trademark “411” and have every phone system in the world pay me? Or how about “911” and shut down every emergency system? Maybe I can trademark “69” and spoil a lot of couples’ fun. Maybe I can trademark “867-5309” and never have to hear that awful song again. “Niiy-ee-eyeeen”, indeed.

ToySouljah says:

Re: Re: Re:

That one lose was the one that counted though…lol. I would have rather gone 18-1 with the 1 being in the first 15 games. I’m a Cowboys fan and I can even admit that the Patriots are a great team, but back to the actual story.

I really do not think they should be able to trade mark 19-0 since like someone else mentioned…there are other sports that could end up with that score easily (NBA comes to mind easily). So if lets say some NBA team goes 19-0 in the beginning…will they have to pay up until the next game? Just doesn’t seem right.

TheTraveler says:

New England what?

WHAT?!?! Out of the question! If anything the Dolphins should claim that trademark since they where the first to do it! No offence to anyone in New England but your football team’s coach is a cheating scum ball, which makes your whole team look like bunch of babbling no talent capybara on acid trying to scale the side of a water tower! What really should happen is that they should shut up, sit down and stop being all big on themselves! This is just another way for Mr. Bill Belichick to make some money and free advertising for a team that has a cheat stick up there ass!

Anonymous Coward says:

Re: New England what?

Umm…the Patriots are no more cheaters than any other NFL team. It is a known fact that all teams do what the Pats were caught doing. It is just bad luck that they were caught red handed. The prosecution was done to make an example of them in the hopes that every single other NFL team would stop too. Despite that I am sure they all still continue to do it, including the Patriots. Bill Belichick is one of the best coaches in NFL history.

Anonymous Coward says:

Re: Re: New England what?

Actually, if it was a known fact that all the other teams cheated, they would have all been sanctioned. As it is, it’s really just your upset ego that is responding to the (unwarranted) Patriot bashing. They are a great team, but they are also the only PROVEN (as of yet) cheaters. Live with it.

TheTraveler says:

Re: Re: Re: New England what?

I did not say they WHERE a bad team… I said that by them getting caught it makes them LOOK like one. I admit I don’t like Bill B. but I think the Pats are a good team… they have a lot of good players I don’t doubt that for one min. But again, it throws there integrity into question. Now every time they play I think… are they cheating? I must add I have a bitter taste in my mouth because I am a Steelers fan, but still cheating is cheating and they got caught!

Matty C says:

Re: Re: Re:2 New England what?

First off, I am 100% a die hard Pats fan. Secondly, I am so damn sick of hearing about “Spygate” and how the Patriots are cheaters and the ridiculous nicknames, ie. “Cheatriots or Bill Bellicheat” I mean come on, what are you 5 years old? If this had happened to any other NFL team, their fans would be coming out in droves to defend their team. What happened was a man, and I use that term loosely, told on his former boss because he was sick of being seen as Bellicheck’s former flunkie. The fact that the Jets were caught video taping, illegally I might add, the year before in a game against the Patriots and were merely asked to stop shows the spite Mangini has for Coach Bellicheck and the Pats organization. Not to mention the numerous other times were teams catch each other spying on each other and police it themselves rather than telling the commissioner on them. And anyone that does not believe that a majority of teams in the NFL did this or similar actions before Spygate are in complete denial and are just looking for an excuse to hate the Patriots for the years of dominance on the NFL the Patriots have shown this decade.
People need to get the hell over it and realize that last season is last season. No more will come of this aside from stupid fans making themselves look even more stupid with asinine comments.

By the way, wasn’t this an article about frivolous and unnecessary trademarks?

Ajax 4Hire (profile) says:

I will trademark the other 18 combinations...

Some do not make sense but most of the other are good.
18-1, 17-2, 16-3, … 0-19
Although, 3-16,2-17,1-18,0-19 are not really possible.
(Not possible to loose 15 regular season and then go to super-bowl)

and of course if you are not super-bowl/playoff material then you can trademark;
16-0, 15-1, 14-2, … 0-16

The combinations are endless, literally.

Anonymous Coward says:

Obviously post # 8 is by a Patriots fan that fails to realize the difference in what Belichick did and what other teams do. Yes, all teams videotape with the other teams permission. What the Patriots did was videotape defensive signals from the sidelines. The sooner you let that sink into your brain, the sooner you can get on with your life.

And I think I’ll trademark “New England Cheatriots” and start collecting royalties.

Reality Check says:

Re: Re:

Techogeeks you all might be, sports geeks you are not.

Taping defensive signals IS NOT illegal.

The legality of such an action is dictated by WHERE you tape from.

Rules stipulate that you are only allowed to tape from the end zones, no where else.

THAT is why the Pats got busted – they taped from the SIDELINES.

Anonymous Coward says:

Re: Re: Re:

Taping defensive signals IS NOT illegal.
The legality of such an action is dictated by WHERE you tape from. Rules stipulate that you are only allowed to tape from the end zones, no where else. THAT is why the Pats got busted – they taped from the SIDELINES.

That’s true but when ranting on a blog, having factual information is not necessary.

jeffj (profile) says:

“Pats were caught doing. It is just bad luck that they were caught red handed”

Keep telling your self that. You will feel much better than if you had thoughts like “if they didn’t secretoly film the all the opposing teams’ defense and study it, maybe they would be 9-7 for the season”.

Now THAT’S a bad thought so I agree we should all keep thinking it’s the first thought. Denial makes me feel better too. In fact, the surge is working and Hillary doesn’t lie. See how easy that was?

Willton says:

Much ado about nothing

This psycho-babble about “a broken system” is totally unfounded here. Folks, you can’t get trademark protection unless you actually use the trademark. Ask yourselves this: do you really think that the Pat are actually going to use “19-0” as a trademark after what unfolded at the Super Bowl? Really? Come on ….

I’m sure the Patriots filed an intent-to-use application, but it would be pretty easy to show that the Pats do not have a bona fide intention to use the mark after losing the big game. Seriously, folks, give it a rest.

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