If You're Part Of An Elite Military Unit, Perhaps You Shouldn't Be Uploading Photos Of Your Base To Facebook

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People who have grown up with social networking type sites and applications have become used to the idea of really documenting their lives with them: providing detailed updates and regularly uploading photos of their activities. That’s great for most folks — but if you’re in an elite military unit in a war zone, that might present a problem. An Israeli soldier has been sentenced to 19 days in jail after the military noticed that he’d been posting photos of the base where he was stationed to Facebook where anyone could see them. You would think that it would be common sense not to do such a thing… but common sense sometimes isn’t so common.

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Comments on “If You're Part Of An Elite Military Unit, Perhaps You Shouldn't Be Uploading Photos Of Your Base To Facebook”

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Shohat says:

Re: Jake , wrong

Technically (and this was enforced much better earlier), Israeli soldiers should never publish photographs of themselves in uniform w/out approval, for many reasons.

One being due the simple fact that many are socialist over-educated hippies that travel the world a lot (especially pilots and combat unit soliders), and if kidnapped, it eases their identification as former IDF soldiers.
It’s not only about protecting secrets, it’s about protecting soldiers themselves.

Just Me says:

RE: # 9

“If it’s just stuff like him and some friends in ordinary fatigues standing together on the parade ground then it’s probably fairly harmless.”
Not the point. Who decides what’s harmless or not? Things like this can’t be screened before upload so it may have seemed harmless to him but could *potentially* have had something sensitive in the photo, even inadvertently.
Since the military can’t police which photo’s are ok when some photos would not be ok they would have no choice but to do a blanket “No Photos” rule for anything military.

Matt says:

media hype

The thing is, lots of israeli soldiers use facebook to show photos….this is way out of line to flip out about, really.
The court went way out of line to punish for this.

Security of the base compromised? No. There are places of compromise where you are not allowed to take photos, and the military doesn’t take pictures of them/nor will they let anyone else.

I have pictures of an Israeli base on my facebook from when I went there, and pictures with the soldiers…and they told us there are specific places you DO NOT take pictures. In the base entrance = irrelevant. At the frontline in the base = relevant. Taking a picture of an APC = useless. Taking a picture of the inside of an APC = very relevant.
They know this stuff and follow it bigtime. …about photos of themselves in uniform that not only is useless but unenforceable.
Really, how hard is that to follow?

Unless they broke that, which would mean it was a stupid soldier, they knew damn well where pics can and can’t go. But to just generalize that soldiers can’t be in pictures, or you can’t have pictures of a base, is unenforceable and unrealistic.

chris (profile) says:

Re: Israeli Intelligence

Isn’t Isreali elite intelligence supposed to be like one of the best in the world?

you’re thinking of the mossad. if you think intelligence organizations should conduct political kidnappings and assassinations, then yeah the mossad is the best in the world.

the guy is part of an intelligence unit in the israeli air force.

military intelligence is different from national intelligence, just like intelligence in the american air force is different from the CIA or the NSA.

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