Marilyn Monroe's Estate Loses Rights To Photos After Fighting To Make Her A New Yorker

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It appears Marilyn Monroe’s estate didn’t think all the way through its strategy of posthumously moving the famed star to New York. Apparently, her family convinced California tax authorities that Monroe had been a New York resident, in an attempt to avoid paying taxes on the estate in California. Unfortunately for the estate, that would also mean that Marilyn Monroe’s publicity rights died with her. As Against Monopoly points out in the latest example of the bizarre effects of intellectual property rules, California allows “rights of publicity” to live on after death — meaning that images of famous people still need to be licensed. However, New York says your right of publicity dies when you die. So, a court has now ruled that, thanks to Monroe’s own estate claiming that she was a New Yorker, there’s no longer a right of publicity for Monroe, and photographers who own Monroe photographs shouldn’t have to pay her estate (as they’ve done since her death). This has photographers claiming that the estate has been unfairly demanding licenses for many years. Next time, perhaps Monroe’s estate will just pay the taxes it owes. But, in the meantime, we get to see the bizarre impact of rules such as “publicity rights” which have forced photographers to pay to use photographs they took for many years.

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Comments on “Marilyn Monroe's Estate Loses Rights To Photos After Fighting To Make Her A New Yorker”

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Mark Bellinghaus (user link) says:

Marilyn Monroe Liberation

There is a famous tale that comes to mind immediately. ‘The Fisherman and his wife.’ Anna Strasberg is lead character, she wants more more more and is never happy, and in the end–she lost it all. Brilliant!
What an embarrassment and what a silent payback by an American Legend who has been used as the goose that is laying golden eggs for the past 26 years for Anna Strasberg, the licensing lawyers Roger Richman (who changed the CA law) and Mark Roesler, who was knowingly and happily Marilyn Monroe into a cheap bag lady–reigning for 11 years over what he calls the icon ‘his product.’
Bittersweet symphony and now these greedy abusers of La Monroe will find another victim, but we all know: There was only one Marilyn and she will recover from the tacky salt and pepper shaker image.
She will have the biggest renaissance, the biggest comeback that any star, living or dead ever had.
Marilyn Monroe is here to stay.

Brandon says:

Marilyn Monroe

Since reason would state that you can’t become a New Yorker after death, she must have been a New Yorker since before that. So this should be retroactive and the family should have to pay back all the license money it’s made on her since her death. On the other hand, what would happen if, for instance, she died in New York but now her relatives moved her to California and said she was always a Californian, thus people still have to pay licensing on her image. Would that work the same way?

quincy martin says:

The Marilyn Monroe estate and her rightful heirs her real family

I’ve read about Nancy Maniscalco Miracle and the Marilyn Monroe Foundation. It seems she is the only natural heir to the estate of Marilyn Monroe and those monies and rights were stolen from her by the Strasbergs Lee first now Ana his third wife. They switch jurisdictions for over forty years like we, the regular people switch socks. It seems they are able to do this because of the circumstances of her death, which they and their psychiatrist friends were partly responsible for. Maybe soon justice will prevail and Nancy Miracle will be reinbursed.

Beverly Ann Roach says:

Re: The Marilyn Monroe estate and her rightful heirs her real family

nancy miracle is a lyer and wants my Mom’s money!!!! I Am The Daughter Of Marilyn Monroe and DNA Test Will show it.
I Even Remember My Mom when I was a Child before She Died.
I Was 6 Years Old when My Mom Marilyn Died!!!
Tell Every one and Pass This On I’m NOT Lying !!!
Stop Believing Women that Want to Be ME !!!
This is The Truth !!! Facts Only DNA !!!

roger houny says:

marilyn monroes estate

The real estate of Marilyn Monroe should have gone to her daughter Nancy Maniscalco Miracle…..the strasbergs, leee and then ana have stolen these monies and continue to do so.
Nancy Maniscalco has taken them to court in 2 states and has not lost and is still standing. but because they jumped jurisdiction to keep the rights to her image, in california only, they kept one step ahead of justice. Nancy Miracle brought to court the fact that she was born Nancy Cusumano, that has been verified by the vital records in sacramento. her birthday was not correct, nor place of birth etc…that is why the probate took 20 years they the strasbergs didn´t have facts, still don´t just an abyss of pr stuff and lies.

Jerold Thomas says:

Marilyn Monroe a New Yorker

Marilyn Monroe was a New Yorker since she was about six years old. Her daughter proved this in court in Hawaii and New York that is why the Strasberg’s who misappropriated the estate got in trouble with taxes because they wanted to keep rights to image, lies, about the fake character of Marilyn Monroe, who in reality is Nancy Cusumano mother of Nancy Maniscalco Miracle. Nancy Miracle took the estate to court in hawaii and they jumped jurisdiction by shifting case to California soon after they were caught for taxes and the internal revenue but they had already sold off the licensing rights and spent the money. Then in New York heer daughter took them again to court to prove her mother, Nancy Cusumano, was a New Yorker, and they were screwed so this a few years later happened…and the truth was revealed by her daughter but justice has still not prevailed for her natural heir. We hope oneday it will

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