Justice Department Sues Fox Over Failure To Pay Indecency Fines

from the the-definition-of-indecency dept

Remember how Fox was simply refusing to pay an indecency fine issued by the FCC? Well, it appears that the FCC isn’t too happy about that and has had the Justice Department file some lawsuits against the various Fox affiliates refusing to pay (it turns out a few affiliates did pay). Before filing the lawsuits, the FCC rejected Fox’s appeal without comment, but merely by saying that Fox’s appeal to the FCC was 14 pages too long and the company hadn’t asked permission to exceed the limit. Fox called this response “offensive,” apparently resisting the more hilarious option of calling it “indecent.” In the meantime, it looks like Fox will have yet another indecency case to fight in court to go along with the Supreme Court case on indecency that also involves Fox.

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Comments on “Justice Department Sues Fox Over Failure To Pay Indecency Fines”

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DanC says:

Re: Nope...

there are rules in play, if they followed the rules, they wouldn’t be in this mess

And those rules are fairly ambiguous, so it’s not entirely clear what constitutes a violation of the rules. The definition of what is ‘indecent’ changes on a case by case basis, which is why the FCC is currently involved in a lawsuit over the matter.

They should try being a little less “offensive”.

As soon as what constitutes “offensive material” is actually defined, they might have some idea of what they can air.

Anonymous Coward says:

Re: Money Well Spent

I couldn’t agree more. While I, for the most, loathe major media conglomerates, this is a ridiculous waste of my money.

Yes I did think if the children and I came to the conclusion I don’t care. All the world needs is more scared shitless mama’s boys/girls who have no mind or backbone which is exactly what we will have if we continue to shelter them from life.

Rose M. Welch says:

Offensive is an opinion...

…as I am offended by the idea that someone else can decide what I do or do not watch on television.

My youngest child is too young to eat steak, but you don’t see me lobbying for formula-only diets for everyone. That’s just as absurd as limiting my reading material or television options.

If people don’t want to see it, don’t want it. Nobody forced you to buy a television, or to turn it to that channel and watch it.

I would be pretty upset if my kids saw a Girls Gone Wild commercial… but at myself for not monitering thier viewing activities closely enough.

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