Mainstream Press Finally Realizing That Kids Want To Share News, Not Read News

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In an interesting followup to our earlier post about the state of the news business, Robin writes in to point us to a NY Times article all about how a younger generation of news readers now focus on sharing the news, rather than just consuming it. Mathew Ingram highlights the key sentence in the article, from a college student: “If the news is that important, it will find me.” Very few mainstream publications have grasped that concept, even if some folks have been saying the same thing for years. It’s time for those in the newspaper business to stop thinking of readers as straight consumers. They’re distributors, promoters, creators and analysts of the news as well. Once you recognize that, you start to change how you approach the news business. You certainly get rid of paywalls and registration walls, and you start enabling your users to do more, rather than less, with the news.

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Comments on “Mainstream Press Finally Realizing That Kids Want To Share News, Not Read News”

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Haywood says:

paywalls and registration walls

When I was in school and had to find acceptable sources, I’d actually work to get past a registration wall. Now that any interest in what is behind them is only for my curiosity, I just look elsewhere. Bug-me-not is my friend, but really, who cares what is behind those walls. I can always find other open sites with enough content to get the story. Those who hide behind walls will perish, those with open formats will prosper. Like celebrity, usefulness is fleeting, & only works when they remember who you are.

Ron says:

Re: paywalls and registration walls

When I was in school and had to find acceptable sources, I’d actually work to get past a registration wall.

OMG!! You had to get past registration walls!!

Cry me a fscking river, boo hoo!

How did the world survive, how did people get their news, how did we leave the cave? How did Newton and Copernicus and Heron of Alexandria accomplish anything, if accessing knowledge was sooooo haaarrrdddd????

Crosbie Fitch (profile) says:

Invite sponsorship

And one of the new ways to earn a living from news is to enable those who value your news to commission its further research, collection and analysis.

This is as opposed to charging them to see it or prosecuting them if they share it.

Funnily enough, I’m currently working on as way for a blogger’s audience to commission the blogger.

Troy Social says:

Bubbling up the best

Sites like Digg and Reddit have been doing a great job at bubbling up the most “interesting” news at any given time. The big challenge in this space, though, is better customizing to different audiences (e.g. kids) and then getting that news better distributed via widgets, apps, Facebook, etc.

Will be neat to see if some of the more “mainstream” sites (like Yahoo!’s new Buzz product) will be able to execute on all of this…

Nicole Chardenet says:


Glad to see the MSM has finally caught up to the….20th century. I figured out years before Y2K that part of the reason why I was more up to snuff on current events than I had been in years past is because my friends and I had been sharing news articles with each other in mass quantities. I have a friend in particular in California I can credit with passing on some of the best and most insightful news articles, and from obscure news organizations like Al-Jazeera and the Asian Times that North Americans don’t often see. I probably don’t qualify as “young” anymore, but I was when I got on the Net so I learned good habits early on.

World peace And Prosperity Mandate (user link) says:

Kids Want To Share News, Not Read News

That is my conclusion too. The internet is now awash with news. There are more news than people reading them! This can be understood because there are many new gadgets and activities that take people’s time making it impossible for most people to find enough time in the day to do all the things they wish to do. And I am number one on the list of those people!

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