Should Kids Get Control Of Their Data When They Come Of Age?

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If you’re under a certain age, websites (at least under the law in many countries) cannot collect data on you — or are required to get “consent” from an adult first. However, that’s leading to a separate discussion about whether or not kids should have the right to take back that data once they come of age. A parent may agree to share certain data about a kid with a certain website, but once that kid is old enough, what if he wants to revoke that permission? It may sound like a simple thing, but once that data is out there, getting it back is nearly impossible. Yet, some politicians are trying to make that the law, even though it will be almost impossible to enforce in many cases.

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Comments on “Should Kids Get Control Of Their Data When They Come Of Age?”

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Al says:

Bad Phorm

This really brings Phorm into question, and neither I or any other person whose comments I’ve read (from the register/shoutwire etc) have touched on this. Phorm (or any other targeted ‘advertising’ could easily compromise the privacy of children, and so the whole issue should be thrown open to mainstream public debate.

I dont want my daughters browsing statistics to be logged. She may not want this information to be referred to in the future!

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