Antigua Says It's Going To Start Ignoring US Copyrights (For Real This Time)

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Officials in Antigua are now trying to draw a line in the sand, claiming that if the US doesn’t finally agree to allow some forms of online gambling by the end of this month, it will go ahead with its threats to ignore US copyrights with the approval of the WTO. As you may recall, back in December, the WTO granted Antigua that right, after a loooooooong series of battles with the US over whether or not the US was violating free trade agreements by banning online gambling. Of course, every time the WTO sided with Antigua, the US would stall, claim the WTO sided with the US (when it clearly did not) and (my personal favorite) claim that even if it had broken trade agreements, it didn’t matter any more because the US was unilaterally changing its trade agreements so that it was no longer violating them.

Of course, when Antigua won the final decision in December, allowing the country to ignore US intellectual property rights, the US government and the entertainment industry quickly warned Antigua not to follow through on those plans — but the US government still won’t shift in its position on the matter. Thus, Antigua is agitating to get this show on the road. While it first needs to get one last permission slip from the WTO, once that’s in place, it can start ignoring the copyright on American movies and music. Of course, while some are suggesting that it may make sense for The Pirate Bay to move to Antigua, that’s not accurate. After all, the WTO has said that Antigua can only violate $21 million worth of intellectual property, and with the way the entertainment industry counts damages, that’s like half an album or so.

In fact, that seems to be exactly the angle that the entertainment industry is taking in this fight. An MPAA letter warning: “The proposed retaliation would be impossible to manage. The real and resulting economic harm would vastly exceed any amount the (WTO) might approve, even the grossly exaggerated amount ($3.4 billion) for which Antigua seeks approval, plus the economic harm would extend to other WTO members.”

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Comments on “Antigua Says It's Going To Start Ignoring US Copyrights (For Real This Time)”

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Killer_Tofu (profile) says:


Mike, as much as I have found some of your comments funny about certain topics.
This is definitely one of the best:
“After all, the WTO has said that Antigua can only violate $21 million worth of intellectual property, and with the way the entertainment industry counts damages, that’s like half an album or so.”

So funny because its so very close to true. Rofl!
Ahhh, I needed that good laugh.

Lawrence D'Oliveiro says:

"Impossible to manage"?

If copyright violation is “impossible to manage”, then that must work both ways. When the MPAA violated other people’s copyright, then the real and resulting economic harm from that would have to vastly exceed any amount that the MPAA might approve.

After all, you can’t have one law for Peter and one for Paul.

Different Mike says:

That law sure was useful

Wow it sure is a good thing that the US decided to pass a law that makes it illegal for US companies to make boatloads of money, and prevents the US from collecting taxes on that money. It sure is a good thing that we have the government to pass laws that protect us from internet poker, while inserting special exceptions so that we can still bet on horse racing online. Yup, it’s just one good decision after another.

anonymouse says:


Create a system where consumers pay for a monthly access to the site where the content is “shared”

A fee of $1.99 would take a long time for them to make the money they are due, especially with all the costs involved, you know the same way that Hollywood does there accounting so can they. They would have to hire thousands of moderators and have to have a few bookkeepers and then the salaries of those that create and maintain the site. And it is not crazy to give salaries in the millions to keep the best coders available all the time.

Then it would also be the costs for building a data centre with all the content they can get. a data centre that could be used after they had made the money they were due.

Damn it could take many years to recoup the money they are due even with hundreds of millions of people registered.

anonymouse says:


All they need to do is also add the cost to implement a system whereby they can create the income they are due.

1. They need to build a new building to house all the equipment and have backbone access to the internet, cost $50 million plus the cost of laying fibre to Europe. Cost for the equipment to store all of the content another few million, staff all hired at $1 million a year for seniors, cleaners have to be trained and taught how to clean server rooms so a salary of $100 000 would not seem a lot to me.

Coders and security another 100 million per year.

Staff to oversee the people using the site 1000 people per month at $500 000 a year each.

Damn i have only just started and i could get this to over 1 billion, and i would then not even be using their Hollywood accounting yet.

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