Not Only Does The Olympics Want Special IP Protections; It Wants To Ignore Everyone Else's

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The Olympic Committee is rather infamous for its ability to convince governments to pass special intellectual property laws just to protect the Olympics. However, it appears as though the folks involved with the Olympics don’t take others’ IP rights so seriously. Slashdot points out that it appears the Beijing Olympics website has copied a flash game designed by someone else. So, apparently, not only does the Olympics want extra special rights concerning its own efforts, it wants to ignore the already existing copyrights of others. While I find it silly to even try to protect copyright on a simple game like this, it does say something an organization like the Olympics is so keen on over-protecting its own rights while ignoring them for others.

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Comments on “Not Only Does The Olympics Want Special IP Protections; It Wants To Ignore Everyone Else's”

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Anonymous Coward says:

Why does everyone want a monopoly?

Can’t they be man enough to compete with others, instead of trying to justify why they need patents, copyright, or whatever government granted monopoly flavor of the week?

Why do we have to live in a world full of wimps that’s scared shit when we suggest monopoly are bad and that the free market is a good thing?

Why are people so damn skeptical of the free market?

Monarch says:

Re: by Anonymous Coward on Mar 10th, 2008 @ 5:54am

“Why are people so damn skeptical of the free market?”

Because everyone is afraid of that one person or group that has more drive, ambition, and talent to do it better than them. Who would in turn, make money off of the product they are offering, and the greedy little biatches, don’t want anyone but themselves to make a profit off of their product.

Overcast says:

to… “protect the Olympics”

Funny, it’s been going strong and just fine so far without any special “protection”.

Kinda reminds me of the Godfather – I guess it’s “special” protection, indeed.

Good idea actually – this year, with so many protection concerns for the IP rights, yet – holding it in China, so a complete lack and disregard for human rights… I think maybe I’ll just watch the Godfather instead of the Olympics.

That way I’m sure that I’m not infringing on anyone’s “rights”.

chris (profile) says:

the olympics are in china??

let me get this straight, the olympics, which is famous for demanding special intellectual property rights, is holding this year’s event in china, which is famous for disregarding people’s intellectual property rights.

i’ll bet there are bootleg DVD’s of the events for sale in the streets right now, even though the events haven’t happened yet. that’s right, china is so desperate to steal your intellectual property that they can copy it right out of the time-space continuum.

Cutter892 says:


Correct me if I’m wrong but isn’t the Olympics suppose to promote the “Good will” of all nations? Yet here they are becoming another special interest group demanding special rights and privaliges. To top it all off they are holding the event in a country that could care less about the rights of people and content. The Olympics just look like another corrupt international group to me.

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