EMI Sticking With IFPI, But Cutting Its Allowance To Sue Music Fans

from the change-from-within? dept

Over the last few months, there have been some indications that major label EMI was sick of the RIAA and IFPI’s war on music fans — and even had threatened to leave the groups. While a huge step, it wasn’t a huge surprise, given the new management in charge at EMI, who did not come from a music industry background. It became clear quite quickly that the firm wasn’t going to rest on its laurels, but wanted to learn to adapt and to adopt the new business models that involved treating fans right, not suing them. It appears that EMI has now worked out a deal with the IFPI, where it will stay a member of the organization but will contribute significantly less money towards IFPI’s “anti-piracy” activities. At the very least, this makes it quite clear that EMI recognizes those activities are counterproductive. For years, the record labels have been insisting that they need to step up such activities, even as every time they did so, things got worse. Of course, the IFPI is still suing and trying to take down sites, so it’s not as if the industry has fully realized how counterproductive these activities are. Eventually, though, perhaps they’ll realize.

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Comments on “EMI Sticking With IFPI, But Cutting Its Allowance To Sue Music Fans”

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Iron Chef says:

Thumbs up!

I love EMI. Have you seen Sigur Ros’s 90 Minute autobiographical video on Youtube? It’s 1hr 30 long!

Pretty Awesome! Apparently many bands quit touring in Iceland, so Sigur Ros went and threw free concerts and made a documentary about it in the process. The music is a little different, but the concepts work!

Yeah EMI! Keep finding great talent like this.


Michael (user link) says:

The power of private equity

Although EMI lost a lot of its best talent after a private equity firm (Radiohead, etc), the new influx of proper business people running the show appears to have made some positive change. They also changed a lot of how the record label is run: less “rock star” budgets (e.g. rent out floor of hotel for artist) and huge recording session budgets.

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