Canadian Folk Band Wants Harry Potter DVDs, CDs, Games Destroyed Due To Similar Name

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With all the attention the Streisand Effect is getting these days, don’t be surprised when we see more people trying to use it on purpose to their own advantage. Witness the story sent in by reader Jon R, where a Canadian folk singing group is suing Warner Bros. Studios, demanding that all Harry Potter DVDs, CDs and video games that mentioned “The Weird Sisters” be destroyed. Why? Because the folk group has a name similar, but not the same as “The Weird Sisters.” It seems like such a blatant “lawsuit for the sake of publicity” that we won’t even bother to name the actual folk group’s name. The band isn’t suggesting that the Harry Potter stories are riding on its fame (which would be the normal trademark claim), but is saying that because they’re such an unknown act, people will think they ripped the name off from Harry Potter: “Consumers will assume that the smaller and less famous Canadian band is trying to take advantage of the Harry Potter fame.” Actually, my guess is that they’ll think that a lot more for this bogus lawsuit than for having a different, but similar, name. Warner Bros., for its part, notes that the folk group filed a similar suit before, and was told to pay $140,000, which it has not.

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Comments on “Canadian Folk Band Wants Harry Potter DVDs, CDs, Games Destroyed Due To Similar Name”

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Le Blue Dude says:

Wyrd Sisters

The norns, controllers of fate, and part of mythology are sometimes called the wyrd sisters. Clearly potter and the band drew from the same source. Last I checked, the norns and the Moirae Atropos, Clotho and Lachesis were both combined by pop mythology as the wyrd sisters. (wyrd means fate)

Clearly the Canadian band is a bunch of jackasses.

demonr6 says:

what's left?

No really.. when you think of it all of the unique and imaginative names have been long since taken so where do you draw the line? Someone is bound to come up with a name of a band, movie, book etc that has been used up at some point in time so freaking deal with it. If it is something absolutely blatant like you wanting to name your kid themed playground “Disney World” then for crap sake you should be kicked in the nuts and slapped with a lawsuit but what these retards are bringing up a lawsuit for is absurd. Change your name to the Flaming RoachCocks and be unique. Wait, that name was taken already. Nevermind.

Keith says:

These same fools tried to sue Warner Brothers Entertainment Canada, Warner Brothers Records, Pulp’s Jarvis Cocker and Radiohead’s Phil Selway and Jonny Greenwood over the same issue a few years ago:

Not sure how that all ended, but I know a judge blocked their attempt to keep the movie out of distribution:

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