MLB Follows NFL In Restricting How Reporters Can Report On Games Online

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Brian writes in to let us know that Major League Baseball seems to be following the NFL’s rules on how reporters are allowed to report on games. In the MLB’s case, reporters can only post short video clips, can’t post more than 7 photos per game and all non-text content must be removed after 72 hours. It’s fairly amazing that news organizations agree to put up with these restrictions. The fact that news organizations caved into the NFL is what has allowed MLB to go down a similar path. Again, MLB has every right to set the terms by which it gives out press passes, but news organizations should push back against these policies, potentially buying tickets themselves, rather than getting team-approved press passes. It’s also not at all clear why a news report shouldn’t be allowed to post as many photos as they want on their site, or why they shouldn’t be able to leave them online for more than a few days.

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Comments on “MLB Follows NFL In Restricting How Reporters Can Report On Games Online”

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Buzz says:


That day is coming! Someday I will be able to copyright my face, walk around in public, and sue everyone who looks at me! Oh, and I can Google my name and sue anyone who mentions me or something I have done. I’m going to sue my (future) children someday when they attempt to tell THEIR children the same bedtime stories I used to tell.

Welcome to 2008.

GeneralEmergency (profile) says:

I started my own personal sports media blackout...

…several years ago.

I woke one day and realized that it was all very un-entertaining entertainment overloaded with advertising and lowest common denominator puffery, and there were much, much more interesting things to do with my leisure time.

Now if I could just come up with a way to block them completely out of all my news spaces, I’d be uber happy.

John (profile) says:

Agree with post #2

I say we give in the NFL, MLB, and any other sports organization that wants to restrict reporting.

Ten years from now they’ll be whining that no-one cares about the sport because no reporters are reporting on it anymore.

Maybe these organizations should read Tech Dirt’s articles about “free”: maybe if reporters posted free pictures of the games, the teams would get more publicity, and more people would *buy* tickets and support the sport.
Nah, that’ll never work.

In related news says:

Re: Re: Wake up n smell the coffe

“Baseball executives cited a number of factors for the rise in attendance, including the addition of the wild card and interleague play, construction of new ballparks and increased competitive balance.”

MLB has higher attendance this year because they increased the total number of games played ?

Anonymous Coward says:

Don't watch MLB

I quit watching MLB baseball years ago. They have the most utterly absurd views on IP in all of America (they make the NFL, RIAA, MPAA and Microsoft seem rational by comparison). Steroids are a huge problem and the owners turned a blind eye to it. There are huge wealth discrepancies between teams and MLB leadership has no desire to change it (something that is not a problem in NFL, NHL and NBA). I suggest you all do the same. Don’t watch their games.

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