Canadian Politician Pushing For Canadian DMCA Caught Violating Copyright

from the irony? dept

As you may have heard, some Canadian politicians have been trying (despite great opposition) to introduce a Canadian version of the DMCA, claiming that it’s necessary — despite an awful lot of evidence to the contrary. In a fair bit of irony, it turns out that the guy in charge of introducing the legislation, Jim Prentice, also happens to have been caught infringing on the copyright of a song used at an event to mock an opposing politician. You might think this would get him to realize that the copyright issue isn’t as black and white as he seems to assume it is. In the meantime, his opponents have pointed out that this is a pretty good reason he shouldn’t be in charge of copyright laws, but were rebuffed. The whole thing, of course, is rather silly and a bit of “politics as usual.” However, it should make it clear that this issue is a bit more complex than Prentice wants everyone to believe it is. And, with that, he should at least be willing to revisit the question of whether or not such a law would do more harm than good.

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Comments on “Canadian Politician Pushing For Canadian DMCA Caught Violating Copyright”

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Anonymous Coward says:

Re: Re: Re:

“I wish we could have even just one politician whose interest was the public good, but I don’t think they’d make it.”

We do have at least 1. His name is Ron Paul, and a quick google or youtube search will show that he is indeed running for president, raised lots of money, and was almost never seen on TV.

John says:

You're Using Logic

The problem I have with Politics, is that it’s NOT about Logice. If it were, then YES, the Canadian Politician would re-evaluate his stance.
But that’s the problem, Politics is governed by A) emotion B) Lobbyists, money, greed, etc. C) Party pressure and D) what they THINK their constituents want.

I read a study where they recorded the electrical activity in the brains of people engaging in political debates, now mind you they weren’t legislators, but they were suppose to be debating real political issues… the regions MOST active in their brains were Emotional centers..not Logic.

Lastly, I assume Canada is a lot like us (try 99.999%) so I’m sure if he DID reconsider his position, he’d get torn up in the media and by his opponents for supposedly “waffling” — which I think is nonsense.

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