Pakistan Lifts YouTube Ban… Hopes Internet Stays In One Piece This Time

from the not-so-quiet-after-all dept

When other countries have decided to ban YouTube, they’ve done it rather publicly, with a judge or politician stating very publicly that the site was to be banned for offensive videos. However, over the weekend, when Pakistan decided to ban YouTube, it tried to do so quietly, by simply telling various ISPs to block the site and hoping people wouldn’t notice. That didn’t work so well. As you might have noticed, thanks to the way some ISPs handle information, not only did it take out YouTube in Pakistan, but it ended up knocking it offline throughout much of the world, generating an awful lot of attention. And now, just about a day later, Pakistan has decided not to ban YouTube after all. So for a day’s worth of a “quiet” ban on YouTube, Pakistan helped knock YouTube offline around the globe, got tons of attention to the fact that it was banning the site over some mysteriously “offensive” videos, and then didn’t end up banning the site very long anyway. How effective was that plan?

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Comments on “Pakistan Lifts YouTube Ban… Hopes Internet Stays In One Piece This Time”

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kenesha says:

leave the blocs alone!!!!!!!!!

fuck all the people thats tryna block shit, some of us dont do the crazie shit u think we on here doin. why dont you jus leave the shit on here alone the way it is.If you dont trust your kids that much dont give them little bastards a computer. hell take they asses to the library, a public place wont kill them.I think that the blocks should be on 12-8 fuck what the rest of them is doing shit!!!!

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