Debunk Alternative Medicine Provider; Have Him Get Your Website Taken Offline

from the yeah,-that'll-work dept

Apparently, in his quest to convince the world that his alternative medicine practices are worth 9,999 euros, Joseph Chikelue Obi missed out on learning how the Streisand Effect works. Obi got upset about the website Quackometer which was making fun of Obi’s claims. Rather than, you know, proving them wrong or responding to the charges, Obi had his “lawyer” send a threatening letter to Quackometer’s ISP who pulled the site. The article linked here does a nice job of chronicling Obi’s run-ins with the law and police investigations over the years, including various charges of very questionable medical practices, which certainly seems like relevant factual information. I wonder if he’ll go after The Register for posting it. The Register also points out that the lawyer who signed the letter getting the ISP to pull down Quackometer does not appear to be a registered lawyer in the UK.

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Comments on “Debunk Alternative Medicine Provider; Have Him Get Your Website Taken Offline”

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