How Dare You Make Our Service More Valuable! RealNetworks Shuts Down YottaMusic

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It’s sometimes amazing how shortsighted companies can be — especially when they discover that others are making their own services better and more valuable. We’ve written about various threats and lawsuits against people who have made better interfaces for websites such as the Ellis Island listings and Odeon Cinemas’ site in the UK. Now, as noted by Fred Wilson, it looks like the folks at RealNetworks have forced YottaMusic out of business for making Real’s Rhapsody service a lot more userfriendly. TechCrunch suggests that there’s some political reasons for the shutdown having to do with what APIs YottaMusic was using, but that’s hardly an excuse for shutting down a popular site that only makes Rhapsody’s service more valuable by creating an interface that many people prefer to Rhapsody’s own interface. Users of YottaMusic still need to be Rhapsody subscribers, so it could only help to increase Real’s subscriber numbers — so it’s hard to understand what the business rationale could be for shutting the site down.

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