The Journalism Business Is Dying? Someone Forgot To Tell Sports Reporters…

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For all the whining from professional journalists about how the internet is killing newspapers and putting journalists out of work, apparently someone forgot to explain that some of the companies hiring journalists these days. The NY Times has an article noting how ESPN, Yahoo and Sports Illustrated have been slugging it out trying to hire sports reporters from various newspapers, sometimes at three times their existing salaries. Newspapers are complaining that they just can’t keep their sports reporters — which is a fairly amazing statement, because being a sports reporter is a dream job for many people. So, perhaps rather than freaking out about how the internet is “destroying” their business, journalists might want to start looking around at the new opportunities the internet is creating for journalists where they can keep doing what they do best, and actually earn a lot more money.

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Comments on “The Journalism Business Is Dying? Someone Forgot To Tell Sports Reporters…”

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Gunnar says:

Is that about sports reporters or sports commentators? I can see sports commentating being a dream job, but not really the reporting of who won and by how much.

But sports departments are strange. Every newspaper I’ve worked at and every one I’ve applied to has an inclusive sports department that does all of its own reporting, layout and editing.

Though, one of our columnists also writes for and she still makes more from her weekly column in our ~25k distribution paper.

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