What Was That About Marshall Texas Becoming Less Popular For Patent Lawsuits?

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Over the last few months there’s been some talk that Marshall, Texas was becoming less popular for questionable patent lawsuits. If so, someone hasn’t told the patent hoarders. The Patent Troll Tracker has come out with his November Troll Call, noting that 244 companies were sued for patent infringement in eastern Texas alone, compared to 162 in Los Angeles, San Francisco/Silicon Valley, New York City, Chicago, Delaware, and New Jersey… combined. Of course, it is true that a number of the Texas lawsuits were against a large number of companies in a single shot, which helps that total get to be so large. However, there’s a reason why those who are suing a bunch of companies at once all choose eastern Texas, and it’s not because the district has suddenly become unfriendly to patent hoarders.

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