Chinese Drug Counterfeiters Even Set Up Fake Government Web Site?

from the it's-the-shadow-fake-gov't dept

There have been all sorts of stories about counterfeit goods and knockoffs made in China. Last year, we even had the amazing story of how counterfeiters had set up an entire fake version of the company NEC. Rather than just knocking off the products, they built an entire fake Chinese version of the company, complete with offices and business cards. By doing so, they were able to appear much more convincing as producing real NEC products. It appears that other Chinese counterfeiters are learning to go above and beyond in trying to make their fake goods appear as real as possible. Reuters is reporting that the makers of a fake diabetes drug aren’t just touting the wonders of the medicine, but have created an entirely fake version of China’s FDA website in order to make it appear that the fake drug had been approved by the real Chinese Food and Drug administration. Of course, even the official quote from a Chinese FDA official sounds somewhat fake (or sounds like it should appear in The Onion): “This site is definitely not for real. These lawbreakers have got some balls!”

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Comments on “Chinese Drug Counterfeiters Even Set Up Fake Government Web Site?”

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Max Powers at (user link) says:

Hire this guy

I think we are more interested in the comment this guy made than the article itself. I say hire this guy to handle the press releases from our Government.

As far as drugs go, why would anyone from the US in their right mind care about the Chinese FDA, whether real or bogus. Buying drugs from any company in China seems crazy.

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