Did Patched Versions Of Software Foul Up The Time At Gatwick Airport?

from the did-everything-right-but-figure-out-which-country dept

Yesterday we wrote about the minor glitches spotted thanks to computers not knowing that Congress moved out Daylight Saving Day. However, there was an odd time glitch over in the UK that is worth examining. Apparently, at Gatwick airport, computers were all screwed up because they hadn’t changed times properly. You see, in the UK this past weekend was the conclusion of British Summer Time, the equivalent of our Daylight Saving Time. So what happened here? My guess is that the systems that run the computers at Gatwick were patched… for the US change. In other words, while the computers would have made the change properly beforehand, somehow there was some confusion and a patch meant for US users was applied (or some other setting indicated that it was a US-based computer system), meaning that the computers didn’t switch — not because of confusion over the date of the hour shift, but because the system had been patched for the wrong country.

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Comments on “Did Patched Versions Of Software Foul Up The Time At Gatwick Airport?”

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Lawrence D'Oliveiro says:

Local-timeitis again?

Sounds like another screwup caused by systems maintaining the clocks in local time, instead of UTC. That’s the only way they could have been thrown off by a change to rules that were only supposed to affect US time zones. Unix/Linux systems maintain their system clock in UTC, and only convert to local time when somebody asks for the local time; this makes them a bit more robust against time zone and daylight-saving stuffups.

Dumb flamer user with a f'ed up calendar says:

Re: Re: Local-timeitis again?

“…end-users have NO idea what time it is.”

Sure do, time to quit fucking with what time it is and get to work! Now, if I could just figure out what time my appointments really are for…

Yours Truly,

“Let’s burn multiple weeks worth of time and energy, trying to save energy, by playing with the clock.”

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