College Blocks Blog Critical Of Chancellor; Now That Blog Is Mainstream News

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Witty Nickname writes "A new Chancellor was selected to lead a Community College District in northern Harris County, Texas. A critical blog was set up to blast the new Chancellor, who quickly had IT block it on all campus computers. As these things always do, it backfired. The college was sued, forced to unblock the blog, and thanks to the media attention, now everyone in Houston knows about the blog." Didn’t quite work the way he expected, huh? One would imagine that the blog got barely any traffic prior to this. Perhaps ignoring it would have been a better option.

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Comments on “College Blocks Blog Critical Of Chancellor; Now That Blog Is Mainstream News”

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Paul (profile) says:

Re: Re: That is the lazy way

If you post about a person/place/thing and someone is interested in more information then there should be a direct link to the person/place/thing you are writing about.

Placing a link to the source article without a direct link to the person/place/thing in question is lazy and un-professional.

Here the blog itself is the item of primary interest and should have a direct link rather than sending an interested reader off on a FIND THE LINK paper chase.

that guy says:

home sweet home

I spent a few summers at North Harris Montgomery Community College between regular semesters… nice place, aside from all the stupid kids. I took a sophomore level government course in which the professor explicitly told us all the questions that were going to be on the MULTIPLE CHOICE test… verbatim. And yet, people still failed.

Anyways, the staff there are idiots too. But, the campus is pretty.

Wisconsingod says:

They Should Learn

This problem has been happenning to those who try to silence freedom of speech in the media age. It is what is commonly reffered to as the Streisand Effect. The namesake comes from the one real contribution that Barbra Streisand made to the world: Suing a photographer for use of a photo that included part of her home, and that photo became popular only after she sued.

RandomThoughts (user link) says:

They have colleges in Texas?

The Streisand Effect will soon lose its luster, as now people are doing things that seem to against them, but in fact actually bring them greater attention.

Take a look at the Boston Adult Swim marketing disaster. No attention at all was paid to those things for a week, no comment, no nothing. Then 5 calls go in to 911 within 5 mins. and there is almost a riot?

I wonder why they never talked about the punishment for making a false 911 call. Guess they couldn’t prove it, or for some reason, didn’t want to call attention to it.

That being said, you have C&D letters being sent not to take down information, but because it draws attention. I wonder how many blogs have sent themselves C&D letters.

dorpass says:

“That being said, you have C&D letters being sent not to take down information, but because it draws attention.”

So are you saying that people always WANT the Streisand effect? Sounds quite far fetched, even looking at the original event that gave this phenomenon its name.

“I wonder how many blogs have sent themselves C&D letters.”

That makes no sense, seeing how it accomplishes nothing.

4-80-sicks says:

Yeah, this is an EDITORIAL page, not “hard news.” It fascinates me how many people don’t realize that distinction. Links to the subject of the article that is linked, besides being unnecessary, are not always possible; in addition, that sometimes would run counter to the site’s stance on many issues, such as when a company wants people to link to it for free publicity. Can’t remember specific examples now, but I’ve seen that sort of thing written here.

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