German Court Tells Telco It Can't Advertise On BitTorrent Search Engine

from the you-can-only-advertise-on-sites-we-like dept

A German court has apparently not only decided that it doesn’t like bittorrent search engines, but that it’s somehow illegal to advertise on one. Specifically, the court has banned the telco Arcor from advertising on the BitTorrent tracker site This seems odd for a variety of reasons. First of all, BitTorrent tracker sites are really no different than search engines, meaning that it’s a bit of a stretch to claim that they’re inherently illegal. But, more importantly, why should the court have any say in where a company chooses to advertise?

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Companies: arcor, bitreactor, vodafone

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Comments on “German Court Tells Telco It Can't Advertise On BitTorrent Search Engine”

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Amis raus says:

Re: everything is against some german law

Come on, your biggest problem was the metric system. I bet you still have not figured out what 50 km/h means. You are one of the last 5% on earth who will never get it. Not to mention that you probably think it is all right to speak just one language and then invade other countries. And I really do not want to know what is in your bong. That is why you got in trouble with German law.

wrs says:

no reason to wonder

Don’t wonder, what’s going on here in Germany; the public doesn’t get it, mass media shuns to pick up web news, politicians really believe they’d be able to improve national security by placing a back door on every individual home PC.

It’s just hopeless here, to issue anything tech related. No competent people in the public. And rather really few in the courts.

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