Purse Snatcher Tries To Ransom Mobile Phone Back To Owner… For $185,000

from the perhaps-he-should-plead-insanity dept

This one fall into the stupid criminal files. A guy who attacked a woman and ended up stealing her purse and mobile phone later tried to ransom the phone back to her for $185,000, a number he seemed to have picked out of thin air (found via The Raw Feed). Apparently, the ridiculousness of the request soon became apparent, as he was quickly negotiated down to $200 ransom. Of course the whole negotiation was taken place with police listening, and so it was the police who greeted him at the transaction location, rather than a woman with $200. The guy’s now in jail. If the judge had a sense of humor, he would have set bail at $185,000, rather than $100,000, while also pointing out that he wouldn’t negotiate down to $200.

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Comments on “Purse Snatcher Tries To Ransom Mobile Phone Back To Owner… For $185,000”

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Chris S. says:

Notch for the TARD's

This does just go to show how retarded people have become. This ID10T stole her purse and cell, assuming her credit cards and any cash she did have was/is in her purse, and then he demands ransom??
Phone call from crook to lady (Fly on the wall to hear convo):
“Hey lady if you ever want to see your phone again…bring me all your cash and credit cards! Oh and swing by Starbucks to get me a Venti White Chocolate Mocha since you are going to be in the area, cool thanks.”

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