NBC Didn't License SNL Music Samples? Will NBC Sue Itself Now?

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NBC Universal has been on quite the rampage lately talking about the importance of copyright and enforcing stronger copyright laws. Remember, this was the company that publicly lied about the costs of intellectual property violations in begging the gov’t to protect its dying business model. It’s also the company that said ISPs should be responsible for stopping violations of copyright. Just last week, NBC President Jeff Zucker repeated those claims in front of Congress, begging for governments to focus on stronger enforcement of copyright to help NBC out. We’re almost surprised he didn’t cite the poor corn farmers NBC’s general counsel once said were hurt by fewer people going to the movies due to piracy.

Anyway, perhaps those ISPs and new gov’t watchdogs should go after NBC first. That’s because the company embarrassingly forgot to license the rights to the music used in the latest viral Andy Samberg video, “I Ran So Far.” The video, like previous Samberg efforts got a lot of buzz and was getting plenty of attention on YouTube… until someone at NBC realized that no one had properly licensed the Aphex Twin sample used in the song, forcing NBC to yank the video offline. Is it possible that NBC will suddenly realize that perhaps it’s been going overboard with its copyright claims — and that there are times when such strict enforcement of copyright laws don’t make sense? Or, will they just hope this little snafu goes away as it continues to focus on propping up an obsolete business model while its competitors learn to embrace this brave new world?

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Comments on “NBC Didn't License SNL Music Samples? Will NBC Sue Itself Now?”

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Killer_Tofu (profile) says:


Granted I am not sure how viral viral is in this case, having to take down one of your own viral videos because of a license is quite a slap in the face.
If this doesn’t wake them up, then they truly are lost.
Either that or their leaders must have an IQ of 50 and have no idea what the internet really is about or how it works.
Something along those lines.

Incorrect Article says:

Blurb is Wrong

In typical fashion, the posters on this site misinterpret basic law.

NBC did not license the song from the songwriter. The songwriter IS NOT Andy. He was just the performer. There is a difference. Performer owns a specific performance, the songwriter owns the lyrics (and the composer owns the musical arrangement, if it’s a different person).

JS Beckerist (profile) says:

Blurb is wrong

Fair use? I would like to see some sources to back your claim because I don’t believe the “ownership” as you claim works the way you say it does. I think the point is that NBC is using the same argument for not only external references, but for its own internal uses (ie: NBC === SNL…)

I could be totally wrong, I just don’t know!!! Sources would help!

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