Techdirt Extends Promise To Pay Up To $1 Million For Proof Of BSA $1 Million Reward

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You may recall that, over the summer, the Business Software Alliance, got a lot of press for supposedly offering $1 million to folks who reported their employers to the BSA for using unauthorized software. A $1 million reward seems like a big deal — the type likely to generate lots of press and (the BSA hoped) get more people to snitch on their bosses. Except, when you looked at the fine print, you realized that the BSA had all sorts of conditions, and the reward was really “up to” $1 million, pretty much entirely at the discretion of the BSA. So they could claim a $1 million award, and then pay out a lot less. In fact, when a CNET reporter went searching for how much the BSA had actually paid out, she could only find awards of about $5,000. So, that prompted us to promise “up to” $1 million to anyone who could prove the BSA gave a single person a $1 million reward — with how much we actually pay out entirely up to our own discretion. Anyway, it would appear that the original announcement didn’t get the BSA enough attention (or enough snitching), so it’s now announced that it’s extending the (not really) $1 million reward program that supposedly had an end date. And, of course, the press dutifully report this news. So, in response, we’d like to announce that we’re also extending our “up to $1 million” reward to anyone who can show that the BSA actually has paid an individual $1 million for snitching on his boss for using unauthorized software. Given how much press attention the BSA announcement got, we’re surprised no one’s reporting on our offer as well.

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Comments on “Techdirt Extends Promise To Pay Up To $1 Million For Proof Of BSA $1 Million Reward”

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RandomThoughts (user link) says:

Funny thing is most of the people that “snitch” on their company are actually employees that were fired (which I would include being unemployed due to RIF’s)

Folks always like to get back at the one who unemployed them.

Here is a question. Should I contact the BSA and tell them to give me that award with the agreement that I will refund them $900K from the amount I receive from Techdirt? If anyone from the BSA reads this, I would be happy to get you some publicity that way.

Cynic or Realist? says:

Self Promotion in Ethics - - -

BSA makes a LOT of noise – esp stating how much companies lost (and never REALLY supports their absurd claims).

A local company had a fired employee blow the whistle – the (unused but also no longer licensed) programs were on HIS backup drive.

The company took a creative approach – they paid their fine and switched 100% to Linux. Bye bye Micorsoft & BSA.

ken (user link) says:

you're thinking small!

doing like everyone else does not make news. offer “up to 1 billion dollars” reward.

this is so patently absurd that everyone (who can read:) will assume there’s a catch, and many will thereby be prompted to recognize the deception in the “up to”. you will be more likely to make your point, and just by airing the proposition. more journalists will notice “billion” than “million” (multi-millionaires are a, um, dime a dozen, nows a day), and more importantly, more journalists will be amused (i expect), and write something about it.

no criticism, by the way – i’ve been enjoying your articles and attitude for a while now, thanks!

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