Handwritten Lawsuit Accuses Google Having A Name Similar To Accuser's Social Security Number

from the plaintiff-and-defendant(s)-have-a-responsibility-to-fight-the-war-on-terrorism dept

We’ve seen some really bizarre and silly lawsuits filed against Google over the years, but this latest one wins hands down. Eric Goldman gets all the credit in the world for sending this one over. Someone has filed a handwritten lawsuit against Google, asking for $5 billion in damages, because his social security number, when turned upside down and scrambled spells Google. And then it gets weirder. The war on terrorism makes an appearance, as does a Burton snowboard. If you’re reading this via RSS, click on through to see the filing in all its handwritten glory. Update: As pointed out in the comments, the guy actually filed 8 other things with the court, including a rather detailed description of how the Philadelphia 76ers play a key role in the code to unscramble his social security number to spell Google.

Companies: google

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Comments on “Handwritten Lawsuit Accuses Google Having A Name Similar To Accuser's Social Security Number”

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Shun says:

Wonderful Complaint

Hey, for a rambling piece of garbage, this is pretty well written. Why doesn’t he just go ahead and sue Yahoo and Microsoft, while he’s at it. Oh, right, the scrambled and turned upside-down angle. Oh well, good luck with that, pro se plaintiff, in forma pauperis. Classic.

Something tells me he’s going to get his Burton Snowboard repo’d from him when Google files their malicious prosecution suit against him, but maybe they won’t bother.

U Bet Ya says:

It's amazing what you can find on the internet...

go to http://dockets.justia.com/docket/court-pamdce/case_no-3:2007cv01677/case_id-69169/
and open up the second exhibit – or specifically:

then go to page 18.

It shows the specifics of this loon’s SS Number and how it spells Google (with the help of the Philadelphia 76ers)


A. L. Flanagan (profile) says:


So the guy’s entered his driver’s license, his social security records, his bank statement, etc. into the public record now. Let’s see, which is a more likely cause of his overdrawn bank account:

1. The fact he hasn’t earned any money for the last 3 or 4 years, or
2. The fact that if you fiddle with his SSN enough it looks kinda sorta like “google”?

I wonder.

Anonymous Coward says:


“Prevent Identity Theft – Protect Your Social Security Number”. Did anyone read the big bold letters? How is that site able to post all of that personal info? Now those people, he *can* sue.

He talks about not getting his anxiety medication while in jail in one of the complaints so definitely an inmate or recently released. Anyway, just google the phone number he left on the complaint form and you’ll see a real phonebook entry. (That’s a 570 area code)

MooseDog says:

i dunno

i don’t know what to make of this myself.

I mean, the guy lays it all out on the table: he’s been in jail for the last several years, during which he was also “hospitalized” in the psych ward, so he’s obviously out there.

yet, he sure seems to know his shit when it comes to writing properly structured motions and submitting the proper supporting documentation.

hannibal lector anyone?

so, is he just taking the piss out of a system he knows and loathes, or his he serious? can’t figure it out.

brwyatt says:


OK, what does terrorism, police brutality, and public drunkenness have to do with all this? Seriously…. WTF…

I think this kid should have patented his social security number first… that way we could have had a stupid patent as well… and he would have had a better case against Google…. sort of…

Jesh…. hell, my SSN multiplied by a certain number is the amount Google pays in taxes each year…. I’m sooo suing.

apparent? says:

Re: Problem Child

How is it apparent he’s in prison? Would he have access to a photo copier and his drivers license, SS card, Library card, wachovia card, wachovia statement, etc.? What’s sad is that you can’t just laugh like the rest of us. Maybe he is mentally competent and was tired of the system… but guess what no one reading this thread on here knows, so stop diagnosing someone based on a handwritten lawsuit. Yeah it’s crazy but what else would you be looking at while you are supposed to be working???

Ian McAnerin (user link) says:


Yes, he’s clearly crazy. After all, apparently his current problem is that (he feels) he is falsely imprisoned and that a certain newsman has a video of the incident which he feels will vindicate him.

And now this document has made this information public in a manner there is no way someone like this would have ever been able to do otherwise, simply by suing someone famous for something dumb.

I don’t know anything about the video, or the circumstances of the arrest, but it seems to me this is a very effective way of getting information out there publicly.

Crazy or not, maybe he knows the system better than you think…

jaylweb says:


The guy must have read a lot of law books while in prison. I have to say it’s certainly creative and after reading all of the paperwork, including exhibits; it definitely took a lot of effort on his part to file this case. I also believe the guy knows he won’t win and submitted this in hand writing to prove a point on how silly our justice system can be. He mentioned “national security” and “terrorism”, so they can’t just throw it out in the “event” there was some merit to those accusations. Gotta love Homeland Security!! 😛

Definitely the best laugh I’ve had in a really long time. LOL

debro o. saad, b.a. admin. of justice/m.a. humanre (user link) says:

fighting against hate

everything pinful tht could happen to someone who has been victimized by hate has happened to my daughter/myself. for years i have fed the hungry and fought for those needing social security, or the homeless, that’s what activist do. pls google my name and see how in many instances i and my daughter have been lied on and slandered because no one has wanted to be accountable, and through irresponsible journalism and police abuse and straight out corruption, it’s easier to not be accountable, it’s been easier for the long beach police not to protect and serve. pls see the video, google star harris and see the links. i as a mom have written more than 2 million words in my attempts to wake up justice. where is it? i know her to be blind now and heartless in order to not know, nd we as a people must keep waking her up, even if it means talking loud and over the sounds of hatred. i grow more tired daily and i’m now in the hospital again. after the win of the slip/fall i know there is no such thing as winning when legal corruption has beaten you and your down to an actual pulp. when nothing you knew before the hate crime remains the same, when your whole life has now been severely nd irrepairably fragmented. winning is now word to me. i still ask why, and who, and we deserve to know. i knew when i took up this staff against hate that i would be victimized, i just never knew how raunchy our legal system was, nor our police syatem. who do we turn to when those sworn to protect and serve us, only hurt us? sleep nd food now ellude me and pain, intractable hs become a familiar that hurts my nights and controls my day’s. pls pry for me and star s this is a bumby road, but hopefully it’s the road to justice. hate is never a good thing and no one should die for a big gulp. youtube, the one who stood up at the women’s conference, maria shriver, 2008. we were drugg like dogs thru the building, tazed, beaten, jailed/hospitalized, and now i con’t to pay for it by hospital visits, one after another. the world is becoming progressively uglier. god have mercy on us all. 6613493761/5625199294/5624952017forgive my typing errors for this is’nt my forte’

asd (profile) says:

Yeah, I seriously doubt you’re going to pay $300-$400 for a phone. It’s not the manufacturers giving the phones away, it’s the carriers, and it’s in exchange for the contract. The manufacturer has to get a phone to the carrier for as cheap as possible and the only way to make money is the accessories, because the carriers won’t pay for the value of the phone, because of the competition.
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