If You Want To Stop Your Husband From Using The Internet, Chopping Off His Hand Seems A Little Extreme

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We’ve certainly heard of family members growing frustrated over the amount of time a spouse or a child was spending on the internet, but you have to admit that it’s on the fairly extreme side of the spectrum of responses to deal with this by chopping off the person’s hand. However, according to some news reports, that’s exactly what one woman in China did to her husband after she felt he wasn’t paying enough attention to her. As he sat at the computer in an internet cafe she chopped off his hand. Oddly (and somewhat unbelievably) the guy claims he only noticed when the pointer on the screen stopped moving and he felt a numbness in his hand that had been on the mouse (and then he noticed the blood). It’s not clear how he didn’t notice his hand being chopped off — or even how it was chopped off. So, perhaps the story is simply urban legend, but there appear to be a fair number of news organizations reporting that same story. We’re hoping that at least one bothered to fact check to find out that it really happened.

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Comments on “If You Want To Stop Your Husband From Using The Internet, Chopping Off His Hand Seems A Little Extreme”

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dorpus says:

Techtoics Tabloid

According to Techtoics Tabloid, a Japanese tech news site, mechanical troubles developed on one of the two Boeing 757’s owned by Royal Nepalese Airlines. As a response, the airline sacrificed two goats to appease Garuda, the Hindu god of the sky.

According to airline officials, Garuda is very angry, which caused the airline to cancel several flights. The goats were sacrificed on the runway of Kathmandu Airport, the country’s only international airport. The number of Hindu priests who build the airplane’s engines have been increased from four to six.


barren (profile) says:

It's possible....

Well, it is entirely possible to lose a limb or appendage without noticing. Shock. Also, people go crazy over things that make the rest of us just scratch our heads in wonder. So, the story is possible in all particulars, did it happen…who knows. I’m sure it was printed as news somewhere, and whether it happened or not, it will now…that’s just people for you.

DS says:

I'd believe he didn't notice...

I was at a outdoor camp chopping a tree with me and a friend taking wacks at it. And well My hand got in the way I didn’t feel a thing or even know right away. I just felt like I didnt want to do it anymore and we started wlking back to base when I felt odd and went to feel my head then I noticed that There was blood all over then I almost past out… so I could believe that he would not notice.

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