Law Firm Freaks Out That Ridiculous Corporate Song Leaked Out To Blogs

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I must admit that there’s something fascinating (in the “train wreck” sense) to me about corporate songs and anthems. It’s amazing how many of them there are out there, and I’m disappointed that ZDNet UK gave up its old chart that supposedly tracked the popularity of those songs. While these songs are both awful and entertaining at the same time, you really wouldn’t have expected there to be a copyright battle over one of them showing up on a blog… except, of course, if the song was about a law firm. Denise Howell points out that the Above the Law blog posted a horrifyingly awful song from the law firm Nixon Peabody. While you might think that any firm that would create a song that bad must have a sense of humor, it appears that Nixon Peabody not only didn’t mean for the song to be funny, but they’re taking the matter so seriously they’re threatening Above the Law with copyright infringement. Of course, as the guy who runs the site notes, he has a pretty strong fair use defense on using the song (which the folks at Nixon Peabody apparently go to great lengths to claim is not a “theme song” since it bizarrely goes against New Jersey’s rules of professional conduct for lawyers to advertise themselves with music). However, of course, as with any attempt to hide something, it seems likely this song is only going to get more attention.

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Comments on “Law Firm Freaks Out That Ridiculous Corporate Song Leaked Out To Blogs”

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TheDock22 says:


since it bizarrely goes against New Jersey’s rules of professional conduct for lawyers to advertise themselves with music

I think the lawsuit threat is more about protecting this law firm from backlash against the Lawyer’s Board in New Jersey than it is about them simply not wanting the song to be used. The New Jersey Board is notorious for being strict on lawyers and law firms. I bet the only way to get the song taken down is to sue for copyright infringement. Asking nicely doesn’t seem to work these days…

Lucretious (profile) says:

My god what a truly embarrassing POS that song is.

Theres nothing I hate worse than this rah-rah we-are-a-family/we-are-a-team cheerleading. It so forced and phony. You hire me, let me know what you need done and make sure my check is there at the end of the week, end of story. I don’t want “corporate culture” I don’t want to know what your family does or in turn you may not know how MY family is doing. I don’t want to participate in some fun little outing to the fucking ballgame. I hate you, I hate that I have to work for a living, leave me alone.

Hulser says:

Playing devil’s advocate here, is it really fair use if you make the *entire* song available? You couldn’t post an entire movie or all of a “real” song and claim it was fair use because you were just illustrating how bad it was. (Besides, it would only take a snippet of that song to confirm how awful it is.)

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