Once Again, Russian Court Finds Allofmp3 To Be Legal

from the nothing-wrong-there dept

Back in 2005, following a criminal investigation of the site Allofmp3.com in Russia, officials declined to press charges, noting that the site did appear to be operating legally under existing Russian laws. That, of course, set off a string of events, including having the US pressure Russia to change its laws or risk being kept out of the WTO. Eventually, Russia did change some laws and forced Allofmp3.com to shut down, though it quickly popped up again under another name. It didn’t take long for the big record labels to then push for the criminal prosecution of the site’s owner, when all he had really done was help demonstrate a business model for selling music that seemed to be working well (i.e., price it reasonably and don’t restrict it with DRM). Also, he tried to pay royalties to the RIAA, but they wouldn’t accept them. Luckily for Allofmp3, it didn’t take long for a court to see through the recording industry’s arguments and throw out the case, pointing out (once again), that the site didn’t break any Russian laws, while also noting that the record labels did an awful job presenting any real evidence of copyright infringement on the part of Allofmp3.

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Comments on “Once Again, Russian Court Finds Allofmp3 To Be Legal”

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Chris says:

Re: Are we really that naive?

Dorpus didnt we revoke your privlages to voice your opinion? I doubt Russia is trying to use IP law to swindle it’s way into any sort of power gain. If at the very least they just want to be left the hell alone by American Corporations like the rest of us.

Granted it’s obviously about politics, otherwise this would never be an issue. I just think it’s a judges way to say “America go @!*% yourself!” It’s seriously SAD to reject the second largest neculear power from the WTO because they wont pay one american company royalties on something they don’t own in the first place. I think Russia’s calling out our government for being the corrupt manipulated puppet that it is, and shows the Russian Judical system as has way more integrity than we ever could, even though they’re the “Communist bastards.”

dorpus says:

Re: Re: Are we really that naive?

Oh I see, so the country that assassinates critics of President Putin, outlaws anti-Putin TV stations, arrests political opponents, and outlaws non-Russians from owning stores has a great judicial system?

But you’re right, maybe we should follow Russia’s example and outlaw opinions we don’t like.

Michael Whitetail says:

Re: Re: Re: Are we really that naive?

The Russians have their own laws, and work well within them. It is not our place to dictate to them what their laws aught to be in our *opinion*

allofmp3.com works within their laws, is legal by their laws, and we shouldnt be able to do anything about it. The fact that big corporate interests forced a political change that shut them down, ever so briefly I might add, did nothing but putRussians backs up.

It was seen as an attack on the Rodina, and the ruling both times was a message from the Russian courts denouncing the currupt Imperialist goverment.

We here in the USA have done quite a good job in simultaneously becoming an international pariah and reducing the value of our currency by half; yay! go U.S.

Is it any wonder the Russians want nothing to do with our currupt government and corporate overlords?

dorpus says:

Re: Re: Re:2 Are we really that naive?

I see, so when Russia uses its oil exports to bully neighbors, it’s not acting like a big bad corporation or anything, is it? If, say, Russia continues its ethnic cleansing campaign in Chechnya, or drops more bombs on “Russian territory” in Georgia, then it is legal by their laws, therefore we shouldn’t be able to do anything about it either. And we know Russian government can’t be corrupt, as if politicians and corporate moguls are one and the same. No, Russia does not have an expansionist history that made it the largest country in the world, extending its territory into California, Alaska, Hawaii, and China. We know it does not bully little countries like Belarus, Georgia, Turkmenistan, or Ukraine — it stands as a shining beacon of good global citizenship.

dorpus wannabe says:

Re: Re: Re:3 Are we really that naive?

and israel buys our war machines & we side with israel cuz their right and the middle east iz wrong? if you know about american military bases, you would know we have them on every continent in so many countries. maybe you should call this bullying? and doesn’t the mid-east screw with us on oil prices, thus making the less than rich americans pay for it? theres always two sides to this story.

dorpus wannabe says:

Re: Re: Re:3 Are we really that naive?

interpretation=don’t take literally every word, expand your mind to generalizationz.
americans & america are the worldz biggest borrowers when it comes to money! yes, our money iz weak(one day, one week, one month, one year highs on wall st don’t mean anything!). and yes this does appear to b true!

dorpus wannabe says:

Re: Re: Re: Are we really that naive?

so you really believe in hollywood & hollywood ran media. cuz allz yous be quoting iz what americanz and there lovers want you 2 know! And since when did another country have 2 be modeled after us? They can make their own rules on who can open a business. lets see how long it would take for a middle eastern company to open nuclear power plants in america? i bet you still believe iraq haz wmd’s? hater! racist!

dorpus wannabe says:

Re: Re: Re:3 Are we really that naive?

i use what iz called analogies. the countries i use can be called, maybe china or south america. then i guess everyone in this world gets everything of significance from russia in your eyes? so it is natural to make russia like our legal system so we benefit the most on anything that deals with the internet and technology. because, like you said “Russia selling nuclear technology to Iran”, they also are a HUGE support system to silicon valley, california. last i remembered one of the google cofounders is russian born. not to mention all of the russian non citizens here on h1b visas contributing to corporate america with hard sciences and the like. yah, text book argument.

|333173|3|_||3 says:

Re: Re: Re:4 Are we really that naive?

Kindly install a dictionary (available from the Firefox extensions page, if you are using some other browser, I am sure that have dictionaries as well).

A Russian-designed nuclear power plant operated by the Iranians is very bad from everyone’s perspective, since the design used is not considered safe or reliable, and will be operated by inexperienced and poorly trained Iranians. If there is a disaster, then the consequences for the region could be severe. It would probably be better if the IAEA could persuade the Iranians to use western control systems and safety measures.

dorpus wannabe says:

Re: Re: Re:5 Are we really that nai

and you know this because your physics teacher told you? if you know so much about russian nuclear technology, what exactly iz so bad “from everyone’s perspective”? iz this the same westernerz that invite russia to the g8 summit, then ridicule them for providing technology to other countries at a nato summit? could possibly not be! itz the russianz that want their country to be subordinate and brainwashed by the rich corporate westernerz.
by the way kindly take your one sided mind to two sided. i am sure enough open mindedness extensions r available.
back to this article. it does not matter whether this website or another in russia or any other country does with its legal system on ‘music’. if we write lawz on digital ‘1’s & ‘0’s & try to point it out to other countries with some super duper digital water print technology to prove that another ip numerical address haz committed a crime is unbelievably laughable! with this mentality, you r suspect for owning a computer and having internet access. any wine aficionado would laugh at two buck chuck wine. same for audiophilez, downloaded music iz crap, unless it iz a original copy that haz no compression and done right. how illogical iz it for an entity to go after people who know no better about sound quality and assume it is the real thing. if downloaders r not downloading an exact original of the work, then what r they downloading? CRAP!

The infamous Joe says:

Huge Tracts of Land.

I’m not exactly sure what the above comments are bickering about, but the point of all this is: It’s their country, and if a website hosted in their country is acting within their laws then the story is over.

From the admittedly little research I have done on the allofmp3 saga, it seems that within Russian IP laws, the website has to pay a license fee and then it can sell music from that label. So, they paid their fees to the Russian Organization for Multimedia and Digital Systems (ROMS, though I don’t know where the D went) who, from what I read, attempted to send said money to the labels, who refused to take the money. Instead they sued for something like 1.6 Trillion dollars. (It makes me think of Austin Powers, for some reason)

This is just another example of how the RIAA can’t seem to adapt– not only do they have a problem catching up with the technology of today, they can’t seem to grasp that we now live in a global neighborhood. This is illistrated even better when they try to release albums in different parts of the world at different times and get upset when people all over the world buy the first release.

The day is mine, Trebe–err.. RIAA! 🙂

Alexio says:

Be real

BTW, while in Moscow, I was surprised by how many people are willing to shell out $30+ for an authentic CD. Many of them won’t even come near MP3 citing that “it’s not the same quality of sound”.
Anyway, downturn of allofmp3 is clearly a political tradeoff for getting into WTO. Let’s see how long it’ll take’em to shut down other sites…
And hey dorpus, if Putin is such a bloody bustard, why his approval rating is near 80%? Looks like Russians really like his president for better or for worth. Can you say the same about Bush? Also, if he (Putin) is such a tyrant, why bother sending this guy for trial, but not just slaughter him in the back yard?

Anonymous Coward says:

Re: Re: You will never be satisfied

“Maybe because he outlaws media criticism of him, and locks up or assassinates anyone who opposes him?”

They gave up communism just for you dorpus and you still not satisfied??? I guess you won’t ever be happy until the whole world follows the United States superior system of operation. Of course Bush has never tried to silence his critics, manipulate facts, or outright lie.

Your ethnocentric attitude is a bad joke and so are you.

|333173|3|_||3 says:

Re: Re: Re: You will never be satisfied

I don’t much like Putin, but he is doing a reasonable job of restoring his country and rebuilding it. It also looks like he is trying to make Iran more respectable through the SCO (Shanghai Co-operative Organisation), in order to build up Russian power in the Ex-soviet -stans, which whilst bad news for the USA, could lead to the reigning in of the drug lords and militias. remember that both Komenhi and Putin want stability and and end to the drug trafficking out of Afghanistan, peace in Iraq, and an end to the Arab-Israeli conflict. the only difference in their goals and those of the USA is that each wants the area under their own control.

Of course, Putin’s Human rights record is terrible, but he is far better than many of his predecessors.

Anonymous Coward says:

Antarctica is under treaties that covers among other things forbidding an active military presence (though it provides for civil and criminal law enforcement).

“Article 1 – area to be used for peaceful purposes only; military activity, such as weapons testing, is prohibited, but military personnel and equipment may be used for scientific research or any other peaceful purpose;”

Anonymous Coward says:

Re: Re:

Antarctica is under treaties that covers among other things forbidding an active military presence

The treaty does not forbid “an active military presence” and I personally know people in the military who have been stationed there on active duty. Read the snipped you quoted: It only requires that their overt purpose be “peaceful”. Furthermore, the treaty does not provide for any sort of mandatory international inspection of military facilities there to ferret out non-peaceful covert operations.

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