Suddenly, Mobile Phone Operators Are Big Supporters Of Smoking Bans…

from the smexting? dept

If you suddenly start hearing stories about mobile phone operators being big supporters of bans on smoking, perhaps a new report is the reason why. Apparently, telcos in the UK are noticing a recent surge in text messaging, which they attribute to a new ban on smoking in confined spaces. The working theory is that smokers need something to do with their hands to keep them busy, and that texting is taking up that free time, now that they can’t smoke. It’s as good a theory as any, but it seems unlikely to have a very longterm impact.

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Comments on “Suddenly, Mobile Phone Operators Are Big Supporters Of Smoking Bans…”

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Anonymous Coward says:

Re: Or is it?

i think its more that in a group of people, maybe one or two are smokers. therefore, when they gotta go out and smoke, the whole group doesn’t go with them. they need something to occupy their time while waiting to finish the cigarette, so they’ll text people.

It’s a matter of the ban causing them to break away from the social activity to smoke and text messaging allows them to keep some sort of social connection.

Frogpond says:

Bass Akwards Again

In my place of employment we are not allowed to smoke or text. Seems that the boss-man wants us to use our hands for work. What a beast!
If the increase in texting is related to the smoking ban at all, it is most likely due to the fact that employers are allowing workers to step outside for a quick smoke. Texting while smoking allows them to annoy more people at the same time. The reason they text is that most of us can’t take the time to answer their voice calls because, guess what, we’re working.

Evan says:

It's Now Proven...

hell, they accumulated 2 whole weeks worth of data. the ‘theory of smexting’ can now be called ‘the absolutely, positively, true scientific fact of smexting.’ weak hypothesis. stupid limeys…

besides, try living here in los angeles where you can’t even smoke in a bar. i wish my second-hand smoke would kill all these jag-offs…

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