Australian Court Says A Deal's A Deal On eBay

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People backing out of auctions or putting up fake bids has long been a problem for eBay (and users of eBay), but that may be changing in Australia, at least. A court there has ruled that a deal’s a deal on eBay. This specific case isn’t about a buyer backing out, though. This time, it was the seller, who had apparently worked out a private deal to sell something outside of eBay for more than the eBay bid, but the guy who won the online auction demanded that he get to complete the transaction. The court agreed, noting that the eBay auction was a binding contract. So, if you’re trying to sell something on eBay (in Australia, at least) make sure you really want to sell it through eBay — and the same probably goes for buyers.

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Comments on “Australian Court Says A Deal's A Deal On eBay”

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Jazz says:


While I applaud the Aussie court for having the balls to do something like this, I have to feel sorry for the seller, who was forced to sell a classic war plane worth AU$250,000 for AU$150,000. Look at it from his perspective. He just wanted to get as much money for the item he was selling as possible and the court just cost him 100k.

Jason Buck says:

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What if the seller had this item posted in the newspaper, Craigslist or other method of selling. I think as long as no money exchanged hands the seller has the right to do whatever he or she wants with their product. eBay needs to put a cancellation policy in affect. Where the seller who terminates an auction where the item is sold is penalized 10% (which goes to the winning bidder not eBay). That way if the seller feels it is worth 10% then he or she certainly has the right to do what ever they want LOL.

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