After Accusing Them Of Being Criminals For Years, Record Labels Want Kids To Shill For Them On MySpace

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Do the record labels really not realize how much they’ve pissed off their best customers for the last decade? It would appear so, because they’re now hoping that the kids they’ve alienated for all these years will become shills for them on MySpace and other social networks, pushing all their friends to buy music as well. That might have worked years ago, but these days it seems like plenty of kids have been so turned off by buying music from record labels that treat them like criminals first, that it seems like an uphill road to convince them to not just start buying music, but shilling for the record labels as well. Especially as reports are coming out that legal purchases have stagnated as unauthorized downloads have continued to grow — it’s hard to believe that the record labels are suddenly going to get everyone over to their side this easily.

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Comments on “After Accusing Them Of Being Criminals For Years, Record Labels Want Kids To Shill For Them On MySpace”

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Anonymous Coward says:

Re: Re: reality check

That makes perfect sense. Let me use your logic:

Uh no. Why don’t *you* see who the real criminals are.

And now back to reality:

Please find another way to justify downloading copyrighted music with something other than taking “advantage of resources that are available to them”.

PaulT says:

Re: reality check

Erm, that’s exactly the kind of thinking that got the RIAA into this mess in the first place – the assumption that all kids are downloading music, therefore they’re all criminals. Don’t pander to their way of thinking. Music downloading is no worse than when I used to copy CDs to tape in the 90s or record from the radio in the 80s, yet I still gave them (a lot of) my money. No more though thanks to their actions – independent only for me now.

Anonymous Coward says:

Re: Re: Ohhhh the karma

“That independent artist may well be on a label one day wanting to sell his music so he can eat or feed his family.”

That independent artist may well just do fine without a label and sell his music through some alternative source and still be able to eat and feed his family.

Got any more?

Jhecht (user link) says:


Record labels must be incredibly stupid in order to believe that after prosecuting us, our parents, and any friends we had near at the time, we would want to go down to stores or use iTunes to buy songs.

What level of idiocy must the executives have in order to believe that alienation leads to customers? I can’t believe how dumb some people truly are..

Jonny says:


People say it’s stealing…ok. I’ll be honest here, I really couldn’t care less.

Are you telling me artists aren’t making any money?

There will always be people who will pay to download music, who will buy CDs/DVDs…blah blah…I’m just not one of them.

If something is easily accessible and free…who are you to judge people for taking it? Fool you I say!

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