International Trade Commission Says International Trade Commission Was Right To Ban Qualcomm Chips

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With Broadcom successfully having the US International Trade Commission put an injunction on the import of Qualcomm’s next generation chips, Qualcomm has been asking everyone possible to stop the injunction. It’s appealed to the federal courts, to President Bush and right back to the US International Trade Commission itself. Of course, it’s probably no surprise that the ITC stands by its original decision and refuses to lift the ban it put in place originally. Qualcomm is still waiting to hear back on its other pleas. Still, this whole process should raise a few more issues about the patent system. After all, Broadcom used this loophole to create an injunction over patents not through the courts, but through the ITC. Now, Qualcomm is using the courts and the administration to fight the injunction. Rather than having a straightforward process, it seems like everyone just tries every possible avenue. Since patent hoarders claim they’re fighting against uncertainty in the patent system, wouldn’t it make sense to get rid of all these alternative avenues to patent injunctions?

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