French Officials Can't Resist Their Crackberries, Even If It Means Giving Secrets To American Spies

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We’ve all heard the RIM Blackberry referred to as a “Crackberry” for its supposedly addictive nature… however, we never thought that it was true that anyone really couldn’t do without their Blackberry mobile device. Apparently the French government has banned the devices for certain government officials who might email sensitive information. Since RIM has all emails run through its own servers, some of which reside in the US, the French government is worried (perhaps reasonably so) that American spies are snooping on their sensitive emails. However, apparently many French government officials just can’t let go and are still using Blackberry devices on the sly… even if it means sending classified info. What’s odd is that various officials say they can’t find anything else that works quite like the Blackberry, even though there are more and more solutions that do — and many of them don’t require emails to go through special servers in the US.

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Comments on “French Officials Can't Resist Their Crackberries, Even If It Means Giving Secrets To American Spies”

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Lawrence D'Oliveiro says:

Works both ways

That’s OK. As I recall, the digital radios that US forces were using in the Iraq invasion were French-made. Remember, this was after the dust-up over the French making it clear they would veto any Security Council resolution to invade Iraq.

So if there’s any leaking of important secrets through backdoors in equipment, it probably works both ways. 🙂

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