Forget About WiFi, You're Irradiating Your Child With The Baby Monitor

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Newspapers and TV shows are having a great time fueling the freakout over the supposed dangers of WiFi, following the formula of technology paranoia + kids = gold. Over the weekend, the story was given a new twist, when one paper reported that radiation from baby monitors could be hurting babies. This is the sort of stuff the papers live for: the conflicts of modern life! Do you bathe your child with radiation and run the risk they’ll grow a third arm or something, or not use the baby monitor and run the risk of missing out when the child needs you? Meanwhile, those laggards at the BBC are still worried about WiFi, with a new program claiming that radiation from a WiFi access point is three times greater than that from a mobile phone base station. Of course, never mind that the claims don’t stand up to scientific scrutiny, and plenty of scientists — without a vested interest in selling papers or attracting viewers with scare stories — say it’s safe. Some businesses, however, are lining up to capitalize on the fears, such as a Swiss company that’s selling underwear woven from silver, which it says will ward off cell-phone radiation from the wearer’s groin.

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Comments on “Forget About WiFi, You're Irradiating Your Child With The Baby Monitor”

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Urza says:

Re: Who talks from their groin.

Um…your phone is constantly transmitting and recieving. Unless you’re like me and keep it turned off when not in use. But most people don’t. So if you keep it in your pocket, unless you’re using it a hell of a lot, you’ll get more radiation to your groin than your head.

Anonymous Coward says:

We’re not going to make it, are we? The human race, I mean.*

It’s not the tech that will destroy us. It’s our irrationality in the face of technology. Sometimes I worry that our minds weren’t actually evolved to handle anything more than voodoo. That’s what this fear of wifi is. Voodoo. Sympathetic magic.

*Stolen from Terminator 2.

dorpus says:

Why stop there?

Child safety seats have a nasty habit of decapitating the passengers they are supposed to protect. In my new hospital job, I got to see all the details of how this happened to one unfortunate child, her head flew through the windshield.

Neighbor’s swimming pools also tend to have a magnetic attraction for small children. One such child wandered away forever during a mother’s day party, resulting in the mother going berserk, biting her tongue, and spraying blood all over the ER walls.

But in our polite society, it’s more fun to think about abstract threats.

Anonymous of Course says:

Re: Underwear woven from silver

A cavity in a conductive material is a resonant
circuit, even if it’s filled with Q spoiling brains.
The aluminium foil might hurt more than it helps.

I think worrying about things like baby monitor
emissions is rather strange given how the majority
of automobile drivers conduct themselves.

At least the woven silver underwear might retard
bacterial growth. That’s something.

Dorpus makes me laugh. Is that wrong?

Lloyd from Electricsense (profile) says:

So you want to make your baby electrosensitive?

Let’s just be clear, I am electrosensitive and have been for over 8 years, and I am very used to people pooh poohing this whole thing, as your article does. But it does exist and believe me there can be nothing worse than putting an electromagnetic emitting device in your childs bedroom – long term this will do harm, science is still catching me up on this.
Anyway, my advice, for what its worth, is if you do want to put a baby monitor in your childs bedroom make sure its a wired one or an analogue one, see

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