Latest Idea To Fix DRM: Give It A New Name

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Since repeating the claim that DRM enables things for consumers isn’t making it true, an HBO has a new idea: scrap the term DRM in favor of DCE. DCE, of course, standing for Digital Consumer Enablement. He says he doesn’t want to use the term DRM any longer, not since consumers have come to understand that all it does it limit how they can playback and enjoy legally purchased media, but because it doesn’t apparently express clearly just how wonderful the technology is. For instance, he says HBO is ready to roll out HD movies on demand, but “can’t”, because people might somehow copy them through the analog hole of component connections, which HBO or cable operators aren’t allowed to disable. That’s his example of DRM “enabling” a new service, and it’s as weak as usual. A lack of suitable, wonderful, lovely DRM isn’t holding up this service, but rather HBO’s blind and dumb insistence on it, even though impracticality does a better job than technology of stopping HD movie piracy, and of, course, DRM doesn’t stop piracy anyway.

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Comments on “Latest Idea To Fix DRM: Give It A New Name”

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thecaptain says:

Ah I see....

Digital Consumer Enablement, would more accurately describe technology that allows consumers “to use content in ways they haven’t before,”

Well that’s certainly true. DRM..uhh..DCE I mean would certainly allow me to watch content with a ton of annoying issues added in, whereas before, I really had no reason to be annoyed, no hassles at all and I could watch what I wanted, when and where I wanted if I paid for it.

Thanks HBO!

JoRogan says:


They “cry” as you call it because they are trying to spread the word. If that person did not buy HBO, HBO would still have its new DCE technology. Thats because the people that don’t know anything about DRM like restrictions will still support HBO.

So whats the problem with said person for trying to spread the word?

Wyatt says:


“The amazing thing is that while everyone and their mother whines about “outdated models”, the industry itself has never been more powerful, and never in the history of the world did artists made so much money.”

Hummm, the artists are being ripped off man.. I’ve heard things saying that they actually receive somewhere in the range of 10% or less of what is made from their art. The artists are not outspoken about DRM, it’s the companies that rip of the artists that do. This seems a little odd to me.

Obsidian says:

Re: Re:

“Sadly, it’s closer to 2-3%.”

Actually, I don’t think it’s even that much. According to the research I’ve done, the average musician for a major record label makes on average of 10 cents off of a $20.00 album. An Album costs $0.25 to produce, and the retailers make 3 or 4 dollars off of it. The rest of the money goes to the record label and the RI(p-off)AA. Artists are getting screwed over in ways most people can’t even imagine.

T.J. says:

What Happened to Consumer First?

The more and more DRM (errrr….DCE) gets pushed into our lives, the more society will push back. I for one 100% stopped supporting the MPAA, RIAA, and any other company that wants to limits my rights to do whatever I want with the thigns I purchase. Its so easy just to avoid the hassle of DRM altogether when you can just get your media from other, DRM free sources (although “illegaly”). Even my own mom, who doesn’t even know what DRM stands for, started getting her movies from Blockbuster and the library and just copying them. Its just a matter of how much crap consumers will put up with before they just say f*** it, its worth the risk to not put up with the hassle these companies give you.

Why don’t companies understand is that when people see HBO will be offering “free” HD movies on demand (providing you pay for HBO), more people will congregate towards its service and pay the associated fee. But when people see theres fine print and limits placed on the service, people will hesitate to pay for that.

GoblinJuice says:

ROTFLMAO! Literally.

I fell out of my chair, onto the floor, laughing when I read “Digital Consumer Enablement”.


It’s sorta like calling a whore an “escort”. 😉


So, every time a chic won’t give me her number/addy/whatever… she’s not RESTRICTING me, she’s ENABLING… me to find another chic?

I get it!

Buzz (profile) says:


DCE = Dumb, Crappy, and Evil

Mike, where are you? I agree with another guy who commented on another Techdirt blog. I want to see you describe a society completely run by DRM and crappy copyright laws. You do an excellent job of describing a wonderful world free of silly restrictions; I’d like to hear about a dark world infested with dictators who feel they have the right to control how we receive our digital entertainment. Show us a world where the NFL actually CAN sue somebody for just talking about a football game’s events.

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