Time Warner CEO Uses Unfortunate Analogy To Describe State Of Competition

from the and-his-name-is-jack-crabb dept

Speaking at a conference, Time Warner CEO Richard Parsons described the current media landscape by saying, “The Googles of the world, they are the Custer of the modern world. We are the Sioux nation,” a reference to the famous Battle of the Little Bighorn. There are a couple of things very wrong with this statement. The most obvious is that if you’re trying to make the argument that you can thrive in the new environment, the Sioux nation doesn’t exactly make for the most flattering comparison, considering how things ultimately played out. The other, more serious, problem is that it shows that Parson’s strategic thinking is totally wrong. Treating Google as an adversary is the wrong way to think of things. After all, the two companies are in different, complementary lines of business. Time Warner, as a creator of content, should be interested in how Google’s search and advertising capabilities can improve its business, rather than trying to “beat” Google, whatever that would mean. Unfortunately, Parsons’ thinking seems to be endemic among media executives these days, which goes a long way in explaining the industry’s struggles.

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Comments on “Time Warner CEO Uses Unfortunate Analogy To Describe State Of Competition”

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sam says:

umm joe….

just what business do you think time warner is in.. a good portion of the ‘time warner’ function is the print/magazine side… just what do you think drives this portion if not advertising… and who do you think is one of the largest guys on the block regarding advertising.. umm.. google!

joe.. come on’.. reapply your logic here!!

Ajax 4Hire (profile) says:

No, Time-Warner is on both sides of the fence...

Time-Warner is a Movie Studio;
Time-Warner is a Cable Company.
Oh, yeah, and Time-Warner/AOL is an Internet provider.

Great synergy if you can organize it effectively.

I agree, Time-Warner should be working with Google/youTube as both a content distributor and as a content creator.

Working with Google, Time-Warner could use its content distribution network (cable system) to connect people to Google. Google can in turn link billions (with a B) customers to Timer-Warner content.

This is where Timer-Warner/AOL has a significant advantage over the other Cable/network operators.

Dosquatch says:

Re: Dorpusity

Dorpus hasn’t shown up yet… please, allow me:

In 1398, 10 miles outside of Montgomery and long before Columbus “found” the new world, the Native Americans had a magazine about Japanese schoolgirls in lederhosen called “Crotch Rot”. Of course, it was printed on Cypress bark in goat’s blood, but it still proves that Parsons’ comment is on target. Or are you a mysoginist?

sam says:

ok kiddies (and you know who you are!)…

let’s talk about basic research 101… if you would take a sec, and use google, or any other search engine. you could in a few seconds find the corp link for time warner, which would list the overall corp breakdown. here you would see that magazines comprise a good portion of the revenues.

here’s a link for you to observe!

dorpass says:

Re: confused about markets?

Sam, dear, you put your pants on your head often? It seems you can get confused with obvious things rather easily. Time Warner’s main market ins CONTENT CREATION. Google might have its YouTube, but that does not compare to the variety of content and control over it that Time Warner has. Next thing you are going to claim that Leo Burnett competes with Time Warner as well.

sam... says:

please dorpus….

learn to read.. and then take some time, and try to comprehend.. i know the words might be a little too complex for you. but we have faith!!

i stated, that a good portion of ‘time warner’ is based upon magazine publications, which derive a good chunk of their revenues from advertising, which competes against google….

the thesis is that ‘time warner’ does consider google to be a competitor, which is exactly the way they should be considered…

you might find yourself doing business with your competition for pure business reasons, but that doesn’t stop the competition from being your competitor…

hope you can comprehend this.. if you can’t maybe someone else can help you out…!!


Charles Griswold (user link) says:

Re: Re:

Can some one please explain to me how these people become CEOs. I’ll bargain to say 50% of techdirt is articles about millionaries complaining or sueing about not having enough money. So does any one have pride in their product/service any more?

I laugh. 😀

Seriously, though, yes; they’re just not the ones you usually notice. I would wager that your average volunteer open source programmer takes great pride in his work.

Marion Allen says:

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Hilton Harrell Jr (user link) says:

Comments made by Bill Maher

It is time to fire Bill Maher for His bigotry against Christians. His loose lips and hateful speech has created an atmosphere of disrespect and antagonism against people of faith. Why does he only attack Christians and not muslims. Probably its because he figures that Christians would not threaten his life or create a global riot of animosity that threatens national and corporate security? I happened to catch His remarks on HBO just on the day before Jerry Fallwell’s funeral. I am an alumni of Liberty University and was completely disgusted in Bill Maher’s repulsive remarks. It is obvious that Bill Maher has a weak mind and lacks talent in every way. You see, ridicule has been used as a tool to demean and belittle people so that the other person can psychologically feel better about himself. He had clearly regressed back to an elementary school frame of mind and feels the need to inspire hatred in order to give his misery company. Social engineers use the art of reductionism in order to take out the meaning and substance of communication. Even a scoffers attempt to make the pursuit for truth into a distraction of entertainment merely feeds their own self-deception, their own world-view of meaninglessness, and their personal sense of worthlessness.

If Bill Maher is not fired it will demonstrate that bigotry is a TIME-WARNER core value and chief core competency, and worthy of perpetual negative press and great financial loss to its’ investors. Unless something is done, I have no choice but see that these consequences are inflicted throughout your company.

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