In Case You Didn't Know: Anti-SLAPP Laws Apply To Bloggers Too

from the fyi dept

This probably won’t come as a huge shock to, well, anyone, but for the various bloggers who are getting sued by individuals or companies upset about what they’re saying, bloggers do appear to be protected by anti-SLAPP laws. Of course, this doesn’t mean bloggers can just go and defame or libel anyone — but as long as there’s support behind what they’re saying, it sounds like a court will recognize if the suing party is simply trying to shut someone up, rather than respond to actual libel or defamation. If you’re unfamiliar with them, anti-SLAPP laws are designed to protect individuals who are sued by companies who are simply trying to shut up the individual. The idea is that a big company can just file a libel suit against someone they don’t like (even if there’s no libel), and since it’s so expensive (and scary) to be sued, the individual will be forced to quiet down. Anti-SLAPP laws give the individuals a quick way to fight back and stop such bogus lawsuits.

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Comments on “In Case You Didn't Know: Anti-SLAPP Laws Apply To Bloggers Too”

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IronChef says:

Interesting that...

…the almightly corporation belives that they are above the law. When your acting on the behalf of hundreds of thousands of shareholders, of course, you have more resouces than the individual.

This further strengthens my belief that there needs to be a separate set of legal handling rules for the individual versus the Corporation.

I love my consitutional rights, sad that they have to create more laws to regirgitate my ability to share speech.

Lloyd Ploense says:

Because it really is true that user Stan_Smith on the message board of ( is actually Kenneth Koek, none of my statements there can be construed as slander or libel. My statements on that message board were both factual and conjecture. The conjectural statements were used to test hypotheses. We have found a likely winner.

Thank you again George Maschke for administering that site. Hello EosJupiter, 1904 and Brettski. I’m sorry if you were kept awake (again) late at night Brettski.

Lloyd Ploense

Lloyd Ploense says:

Re: Re: What are you talking about Kenn Koek?

So, you arse admitting that user Stan_Smith, who falsely accused me of a criminal act on that message board, is really Kenneth Koek? Looking about there, I do not understand what slander or libel you might be writing about Kenn. We see that you do have a need to finger the victim of a serious crime though. Why might that be? Don’t you have better things to do with your life?

Take a look at reality Kenneth Koek. We have found a likely winner.

It was a mistake to pull that telephone redirection trick again when I was speaking to the police on 9/10/07 Kenn. Those calls are all logged. Please grow up and stop playing games.

Lloyd Ploense says:

My cell phone number has been used by others

Reviewing my cell phone statements, I see many calls I did not make. This is because someone yet to be determined has unlawfully used a VoIP (or other) web application to piggyback his or her calls onto my cell phone bill.

This is fraud and a matter for the Police and my cell phone provider to resolve. The owners of the numbers dialed will be obtained by Law Enforcement (LE) and the culpable person(s) prosecuted.

Yes, it is possible to use a cell phone as a spy device. This is against the law. We know how this was done and the who will, beyond any reasonable doubt, be determined soon.

I hope you like very narrow windows. Have a nice stay.

And by the way, I’ve changed my number.

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