Florida Ditches Touch Screen Voting

from the bye-bye dept

This probably won’t come as a huge shock, given the controversy over missing votes from touchscreen voting machines in Florida, but the Florida Legislature has voted unanimously to ditch touchscreen voting machines in favor of optical scan machines for counting paper ballots. This isn’t (in any way) to suggest that the optical scan machines are perfect. They’ve been shown to have plenty of problems as well. However, having a system that at least has a way for a person to see that they actually voted and (more importantly) a way to recount the votes seems like a step in the right direction.

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Comments on “Florida Ditches Touch Screen Voting”

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Rod taylor says:

voting machines

I remember after the contested 2000 elections that the Dems demanded electronic voting machines. As usual the conservatives caved to a very bad idea. As low tech as it is, the good old punch card is best. No electronics, just mechanical counting and completely reviewable. It served America for a long, long time. Only when the newly created helpless people of the grievance had been dragged out of their ditches and bussed to the voting places did it become too much of a challenge to figure out how to punch a card. Do you really want people voting who can’t punch a ballot? I don’t. Also — no illegal aliens voting please. No prisoners. No illiterates. Etc. Someone who’s been in the US for a year or so, can barely speak English, and isn’t a tax paying citizen shouldn’t be deciding policy with a vote equal to a an idividual fulfilling all those criteria. In California the left wants illegals to have driver’s liscenses — and they want them usable as voter IDs. Now that doesn’t seem right, does it? Why don’t we just let everybody in the world vote in our elections — via internet. Let them tell us what to do with our children, our soldiers, our money, our future. Voting machines are emblematic of the stupid compromises that have gotten us mired in the era of divisiveness.

Mark says:

To all the “Alex”‘s of the USA,
…if you would use news to stimulate your mind into thinking for yourself like Rod did; you would understand that just a news tab of “The Most Modern” voting machines being obsoleted from the voting system of Florida would mean nothing other than what’s up in the tech market (Here today, gone tomorrow news if no other impact of the technology being referenced to is considered).

By the way, technology would be nothing and have no value if it did not impact our lives, hopefully in a positive way.

The main difference of our country to most others…is Our RIGHT and FREEDOM to free speech, which translates into the right to vote, which is ultimately Democracy. None of us in a democracy will always be happy all at the same time…on all the same subjects. Obviously Rod is not happy with how this technology and the groups who supported it or used it, impacted him or his family. You may like it or not, just as you used the word “pathetic” to summarize or maybe a better word is “DEFINE” your feelings and thoughts of his statement. I think if anyone is pathetic it would be you for not being able to think beyond the probably small world you may live in (that is just a guess).

I thank Rod and the others who think and ultimately probably have fought (or at least thier/our older family members) for these basic rights given to us by the wisdom and persistent strength of our forefathers of the USA. You as well as ROD and myself have the right to speak of and reference to whatever our minds think is relavent to your tech news and how that technology is being or not being used to the best, and or the worst of our country and childrens future country.

Oh by the way, GOD bless you, and this country.

A USA Citizen.

Good Luck in your future Alex, you will need it, as we all do; especially Rod and I for the conditions Rod stated. I completely agree with the facts and their impact on my country and my life.

I applaud Florida’s decision to remove that portion of technology from our very powerful tool of law and order. Looks like technology by itself cannot save the world, just a good, fair and moral mind using it.

Haapi says:

Re: pathetic

No, Rod’s comment is pathetic because he trots out the disproven canard that voter *identity* fraud, especially involving illegal aliens, has been a rampant problem. That is simply RNC talking point #x. The proven problem with electronic voting is usually the wide miscounting of votes, either losing 18,000 votes, like in Sarasota, or coming up with 140% more votes that what was registered, as in Ohio. Technical problem with these voting machines? Yes, because the damn things are not verifiable.

And he used the word “prisoners”. That is code for convicted felons, and is RNC talking point #y. In Florida, letters to misinform and intimidate citizens who had committed crimes, done the time, passed probabtion, and *were then legally eligible to vote* in that state. Was that right? No. Technical problem with the voting machines? No.

Returning from feeding the trolls…

The optical scan machines aren’t perfect, but verifiability is everything, especially since they should not allow incorrectly marked ballots to be submitted, but kick it back out so one of the patient election Grandma or Grandpa judges can help you see what you did wrong and give you another ballot.

Mark says:

Re: Re: Re: pathetic

I agree with Happi on the voting action being a form of communications protocol. That was exactly Rod’s issue with “Touch Screen Voting”. Too easy of a method to manipulate if one wanted too. All one needs is a name, ID and mailing address…and potentially they are a voter; although not necessary absolutely a CITIZEN voter. Kind of makes a difference on the issue being voted on, and more importantly an issue being manipulated onto the voting ballot by non-citizens by US Citizenship law.

All Rod did is declare facts, not political party hatred as did ‘Ol Alex and his same kind.

Hey Alex, if you do not like the facts or people like Rod or I that all of us are living with today, put effort forth to keep the kind of results Rod referenced to from happening in the future from your technology. Then we all can just get along and discuss the Technical and Statistical aspects of the technology in this forum.

My brother put it the best to me years ago when we were talking about technology…buy it and use with the expectation that it will do 33% – 66% of what the “techo’s” say and declare it will do. It may, if it does do what they say it will do…in a perfect world.

Maybe that is were you would like to live Alex. When you find it, let us all know. Until then, Let’s All just Get Along. Hey, is Let’s a real word, or just another Ebonic or other twist on the American English language.

Alex Hagen says:

Re: Pathetic

“if you would use news to stimulate your mind into thinking for yourself like Rod did”

Um, yeah. The only things he thinks about is what political points can he make for the Republican party. And you say he is thinking for himself? What planet are you on? This is not a partisan issue, and idiots like him who try and turn EVERYTHING into a partisan issue (*cough* Bush *cough*) are one of the major problems in this country at the moment.

Hell, if anything, the Republicans are the ones pushing for, and benefiting from, the switch to electronic voting machines. Just a reminder, the reason they are getting rid of the machines in Florida is the fact the electronic voting machines gave a Republican a victory they shouldn’t have. And just as another reminder, Diebold, the largest of the voting machine companies, was created and run by an avowed Republican who said he was “committed to helping Ohio deliver its electoral votes to the president next year.”

And then an idiot like Rod claims it is all the Democrats fault? It would be ironic if it wasn’t so typical.

Happi says:

By the way, this is not political anti-immigrant partisan off topic rant. It is factual statements about Touch Screen Voting Technology…and how it has impacted our past, like it or not. I thought forums like this was to discuss and further evaluate a technology on the basis of it’s impact on our civilization and Mother Earth. Sounds to me Alex and his fellow “feelers” (not thinkers)do not like facts when the facts do not support their lifestyle. Alex only wants defend technology as a “Necessary Good”, and not consider the “Potential Evil” that technology can put upon our World. Remember how NAZI Germany in the 1940’s was using actually amazing and cutting edge technology to “Cleanse” the world of everyone not “Equal” to NAZI White Suppremacy ?

Be any color or race and gender you would like. Just be sure that your “Beliefs” do not put others down, or…let other(s) take YOU DOWN. I am guessing you probably have a good heart as well mind, just do not use only the half that looks for the good of human nature without at least paying attention to the other half of your human nature structure that says “Caution”. It is the same side that the “Bad Guys” use with no compassion or concern for the other half of their human nature…if they are even aware they have one of Love. Usually, the bad guys only “Love” themselves….

And H A T E everyone else.

I welcome all to my country, just respect our laws, our culture and our language. Oh yes, and do not take our money (programs) when you have not, and are not doing things to DIRECTLY SUPPORT THIS COUNTRY. Speaking only your foreign language, and living with only your cultural ways shows no respect for this country and deserves no respect in return.

Mark says:


Sorry Matt, did not mean to confuse you. I accidently placed Happi’s name in the “Name” reply box of the response portion of my communication; #11 in this little banter.

As to # 13. “ROFL by matt on May 5th, 2007 @ 7:14pm –
I am taking responsibility for my remarks in response # 11. When I noticed I had my response #11 showing Happi as the responder, I wanted to correct it in response #12, so especially you matt, would know #11 was from Mark.

I do support myself, as well as stand up for myself and others I believe deserve it such as Rod, and then Happi being his/her position did not seem in line with mine.

I probably would not have even responded to this discussion except for seeing ALEX being disrespectful to Rod and others who think along the lines of Rod’s statement. The only thing Alex had to offer all of us was to get into a hatred campaign that is boiling inside Our United States of America.

Too bad out of all my words, you could only extrapulate that I was …”responding to yourself and supporting yourself.”, as you put it.

From what I read, each person responding has a clear difference in position and reasons for it, except you matt.

By the way matt…….THIS IS MARK.

matt, What do you thing about “Touch Screen Technology” being removed from Florida’s voting procedure ? That is what this discussion is about…and the impacts of this technology to our past, or the impact to us from using / not using it in the future.

Please put some weighted thought into your response matt. I would like to see you for who you are, not the little “pot shot” over the bow you gave us all; unless that is all you have.


Mark says:

Re: False

Short term memory….”Hanging Chad” ring a bell.

I REMEMBER the Dems stating that if it were not for “hanging chads” not being counted, Mr. Convienent Lie would have won. I meant Mr. Al Gore. Has he had his Hollywood award taken back yet, or does he get a pass in that rule book also.

Is that not why “Touch Screen Technology” was used in voting boothes in Florida after 2000 ? Or were they used prior to the 2000 presidential elections. Educate me.

Matt Bennett says:

Dude, Illegal aliens TOTALLY vote. Why do you think the Dems are so against requiring identification to vote? They say it’s to protect “minority voters” (presumably black) but that’s not true. Even dirt-poor inner city blacks have ID’s you can’t live in today’s society without them. Frankly, white-trash redneck’s are probably the most likely to not carry ID.

Alex Hagen says:


“All Rod did is declare facts, not political party hatred as did ‘Ol Alex and his same kind.”

Wow, that’s quite an interpretation. Ok, I thought you were duped by Rod and just didn;tget the point of his message, but now I see you are just a partisan hack like he is hiding behind the facade of reasonableness. You had me fooled for a second, congrats.

Alex Hagen says:


“Alex only wants defend technology as a “Necessary Good”, and not consider the “Potential Evil” that technology can put upon our World.”

Wow, talk about putting words in people’s mouths. When did I say ANYTHING like that? I am truly flabbergasted, appalled, and extremely offended that you can sit there and just blatantly lie. You must be taking lessons from your master Bush. Please go to hell, and don’t come back.

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