Utah Politicians Finally Understanding Why Banning Keywords On Trademarks Is Dumb

from the slowly-but-surely dept

Earlier this month, Utah politicians passed legislation banning the sale of keyword-triggered ads if the keywords were trademarked. One of the sponsors of the legislation bizarrely claimed that this kind of activity was akin to identity theft since someone looking for one product might suddenly become interested in a competing product. Of course, he never explained how that’s any different than a supermarket putting similar products near each other, and maybe even competitor’s coupons beneath a popular product. Of course, it sounds like the politicians who pushed for the law never bothered to actually talk to internet companies to figure out how all of this stuff works. It’s only now, after the legislation has been passed, that the politicians figured it was worth maybe understanding what their legislation would actually do. So now that they’ve met with a bunch of tech execs, they’re saying that they probably won’t actually enforce the law and may even look to change or potentially repeal it. Wouldn’t that have made a lot more sense prior to introducing, campaigning for and passing the legislation?

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Comments on “Utah Politicians Finally Understanding Why Banning Keywords On Trademarks Is Dumb”

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dorpus says:

How About Keyword Ads for Dead Babies?

In the Sichuan Province of China, a couple had a son with an inoperable brain tumor. When their next-door neighbor’s baby died, they remembered an urban legend that said eating a baby that just died will cure any disease. The couple dug up the baby’s corpse from the grave, severed its head, and served the torso to their son. The three have been charged with desecrating a corpse.

Picture at

Ben says:

How do I get in touch with the Internets?

This is so confusing. When I saw the original story, I thought that the Internet was headquartered in Utah and therefore under their jursdiction. Now I find out that’s not the case?! Whoever is running the Internet is doing a wonderful job keeping it secret, because our politicians don’t seem to have the tools to regulate this powerful entity!

Tom (profile) says:

Not limited to internet bills

There was a bill in the NH legislature proposing requirements for seatbelts on motorcycles.

When you crash on a motorcycle, the last thing you want is to be strapped to it.

There was a similar bill for Farm tractors. A farmer friend of mine said if it has a cab/roll cage, you want it. If it doesn’t, a seatbelt is death as the tractor rolls over on you.

Common sense isn’t common.

Anonymous Coward says:


In the olden days in order to become a leader you had to be known by the people and be knowledgable of the people, industries, and so forth of the area you were trying gain a political seat in.

These days politicians know next to nothing about the things they are trying to regulate and to make it worse they acutally depend on lobbyists, focus groups, and corporations to keep them informed of the issues.

I don’t know how to ride a motocycle therefore I’m not qualified to make a law telling everyone else (including actual riders) how to ride one.

Due to the fact that policians have so much responsibility they should be held to a higher standard of understanding the issues they try to pass laws about.

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