Mexico City Will Give You An Xbox If You Hand Over Your Gun

from the seems-like-a-fair-trade dept

Apparently police in Mexico City have decided that they might as well try the “carrot” approach, rather than the “stick” in dealing with local drug violence. They’re now offering Xboxes and computers to people who turn in guns (via Engadget). The hope is that this will get guns off the street, reducing crime. Of course, it could just mean that folks with guns will now be stealing more guns in order to get an Xbox while keeping a gun on the side (just in case).

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Comments on “Mexico City Will Give You An Xbox If You Hand Over Your Gun”

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Jason says:


Right, so the criminal element turns in the gun they ALREADY stole, gets a free xbox, sells it for $50, buys some crack, and then in a cracked up rage breaks into a respectable citizens home and steals a legal gun. BAM, right back where they started, with another crime committed. Do they realize how many guns they have to buy back to save ONE measly human life? Here is a link that may strike your fancy (and I’m not even in Austraila): . There are plenty of other studies here (in the USA) that have the same results: gun buy-backs DO NOT work. People want, people get. It is ONLY the lawless who benefit from such laws. Just remember, a government scared of armed citizens is a government up to NO GOOD. One of the first things Hitler did was confiscate all the guns via a registration program. As crazy as it may sound, I personally advocate EVERY citizen’s right to keep and bear arms, regardless of criminal history.

interesting says:


I like the fact that most of the people posting have thought this through. Changing the criminals weapon does not change the criminal. I have literally seen where someone who didn’t have a knife or a gun used a bat or lug wrench, or car to commit their crime. Some criminals are even macing their victims in order to rob them.
I agree that the heart of the problem is the heart of the criminal. If we can raise the morality and conscience of an individual, give him something higher than himself to live for, crime goes down, that much has been in evidence in studies as well.

Neal says:

Same old

Different city, same old story. Two separate cities I’ve lived in here in the U.S. have done something similar. One was cash for hand guns and the other gift cards (if I recall correctly) for any gun.

In both cases the police praised the program’s success in the newspapers and the tv news, but it was later revealed that something like 90% of the guns turned in were in such bad condition due to age, misuse, or other that they couldn’t even be fired. Some were brought in part/pieces and others as rusty masses. The few functional guns brought in were old and inexpensive weapons that, while potentially lethal, weren’t the guns that crooks carry on the streets.

blackdog says:

Fantastic realism

If you only knew how we live in Mexico, how we see ourselves, and how the politicians, the police and the drug cartels are our everyday source of fear/laughs, you knew that this is just another sample of their deep misunderstanding of their own reality. We are used to it…
When you talk to them, look down, because they have their brains in their feet…

Geoff says:

Everyone is missing the point of this. The Mexican authorities clearly state that this program is aimed at getting high caliber guns (machine guns etc) off the streets. The people are not expected to turn in their lowly 9mm glocks etc, otherwise this program would never work!!!!

(Pardon my ignorance about calibers and mm if I got them wrong – my knowledge of guns stems from Law & Order – but don’t try to rob me cause I also watched Kung Fu)

Joel says:

What if....

Now, haven’t you guy though “If they can afford to give away $700+ computers and xboxes, they can afford to bring in the mexican army for a raid and arrest them all. No wasted money. No xboxes stolen. No guns stolen. Government will look tough. Criminals might stop. If those mexicans can afford to get them comps and xboxes, they can afford M16’s and grenades. Simple really. Save your money and just surpirse them. Give them criminals a party. then lock’em up and use the extra money for bigger guns in da jails. Simple, really.”

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