University Of Maine To RIAA: We're Not Here To Serve Your Legal Complaints

from the we're-not-here-for-your-sake dept

Following the lead of places like the Universities of Wisconsin and Nebraska, the University of Maine has apparently decided it has better things to do than to act as the RIAA’s messenger (via Ray Beckerman) when it comes to the “pre-settlement” offers it’s pushing on students. The university will not forward the letters on to students, with a spokesperson saying: “It’s not the university’s role to, in effect, serve papers on our students for another party.” It will, however, let students know that such letters have been sent, leaving it up to them if they want to see them. The spokesperson also notes that the RIAA appears to be asking the university to violate the law in handing over information: “The only way the RIAA can get that information is if the RIAA takes us to court to get those names.” Someone should suggest to the university that it should borrow the University of Nebraska’s plan to charge the RIAA for wasting employees’ time with the requests.

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Comments on “University Of Maine To RIAA: We're Not Here To Serve Your Legal Complaints”

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Jesus Christ says:

My children...

The RIAA’s goal is to make products that you buy suck so that you remain unsatisifed, filled with jealousy and lust, unenlightened, and continue to buy crappy music about buying products, large wheels that spin, and beating women. The RIAA wants you to think either that this music will teach you how to be a tough criminally insane alpha male, or a woman that likes to dry hump in public. If they sell music that isn’t this, it’s just another step they’ve made to get you to this. They want you to buy this music, it’s easy for them to make. It doesn’t require any creative and artistic talent. So, they can probably sell you over 9000 of these albums a year. Also, this music doesn’t inspire computer use, because that’s for evil nerds that d/l music.

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