Security Firms Discover New Risk: People Say Stuff On Blogs And Social Network Sites!

from the oh-no! dept

Security firms always seem to be looking for new “risks” to hype up, some more ridiculous than others. The latest is that some security firm is claiming that “web 2.0” is a big security risk because people use things like blogs and social networks to communicate, and they might just communicate some top secret product plans or something. Other than that, the fear isn’t exactly clear, though, you have to wonder if security firms released similar overhyped fear mongering reports when the telephone first became popular. You know that employees can leak information over the phone too? Fax machines are a big security hole as well. And, let’s not forget that huge security hole known as actually talking to non-employees face-to-face. Something must be done!

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Comments on “Security Firms Discover New Risk: People Say Stuff On Blogs And Social Network Sites!”

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Ray (user link) says:

The opposite of openness

This in the same month that Wired published an eye-opening look at why true openness in the forms of blogs and the like may be the key to companies successfully using those tools to connect with customers and stakeholders. More companies should have the courage to operate in the open. The whole notion of proprietary knowledge is so 20th century.

|333173|3|_||3 says:

The next security risk is computers. If all teh computers were eradicated, there would be no more spam, no more viruses, and the worlds computer networks would be virtually secure.If all devices which could be reprogrammed except by hardware modification were removed, all malware would forever be killed off.

Teaching Americans english is a bad idea, it would be better to let the two languages go thier seperate ways. That way, when the Americans are trying to use a language which is only bareley intelligible (like Portugese and Spanish, if you speak one you can vaugely understand the other), then people will recognise that the languages are happliy separating. Local content laws throughout the commonwealth, conservative press, and anti-Americanism will all help that divergence by reducing the flow of words adn usages from one to the other. Creating a perfect machine translator would be the ideal soltion, since this would allow the same site to show English and American text, with only one set of writing. the use of different US and British versions of books also helps this.

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