Judge Says No To Diebold; Won't Block Massachusetts E-Voting Deal

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Yesterday we wrote about Diebold’s lawsuit against the state of Massachusetts, claiming that something illegal must have happened for the state to have picked a competitor’s e-voting equipment. Today a judge denied Diebold’s request for an immediate injunction blocking the original deal, though the trial will still go on. The judge also denied Diebold’s attempt to speed up the discovery process. Also interesting is that the judge apparently denied Diebold’s request to prevent the state’s legal team from viewing internal Diebold memos. This story just gets better and better. So, we have an e-voting company with a long history of questionable machines and even more questionable practices when problems with its machines are pointed out. It loses a bid for a contract and then sues the state for daring to select a competitor — while then demanding that the state’s legal team not be allowed to view its own internal memos. For a company that recently said it needed to reshape the public perception of the company, the new management team isn’t doing a particularly good job.

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