Jack Thompson's Latest Suit Ridiculous By Even His Standards

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You sort of have to admire Jack Thompson, the “blame the video game” lawyer: just when you think he can’t get any more ridiculous, he goes and outdoes himself by accusing a number of video-game web sites of racketeering. Several days ago, Thompson was sued by his favorite target, Take-Two Interactive, makers of the Grand Theft Auto series and other games, in an attempt to head off his inevitable attempts to block the release of two of its upcoming games. Thompson, of course, saw another opportunity to do some pro bono marketing work for the company, and filed a countersuit, written in his own inimitable style, in which he suggests the company is behind a “vast conspiracy to deprive [him] of his civil rights”. Thompson has alleged before that certain media outlets have been paid off by Take-Two — you know, places that are generally regarded as less than credible, like The New York Times, USA Today and Reuters — but the racketeering allegations are a new twist. The world-vs.-Jack conspiracy isn’t anything new, since he’s even gone so far as to accuse an Alabama judge (who tossed him from representing a case there) as being paid off by the game industry, allegations which have gotten him in some hot water with the Florida Bar. It’s easy to understand Take-Two’s frustration with Thompson, and it’s hard to understand why he continues to be allowed to use the legal system as his personal plaything.

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Comments on “Jack Thompson's Latest Suit Ridiculous By Even His Standards”

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Geoffrey Kidd (profile) says:

Why does he get away with it?

Simple: If they admitted his methods and tactics are an abuse of process and of the legal system, a lot of other lawyers might have to be examined for the same thing.

Lawyers are NOT going to admit one of there brethren might be just a wee bit frivolous because it might lay them open to similar charges. For example, the RIAA’s thugs.

Disgusted says:

Jacko has not come put of the closet yet

I think Ole Jacko is still in the closet about playing WOW
and GTA. Bet he’s just like that politician that was drawing up bills against child porn and then was doing it himself…. Remember when we were in kindergarden and if you liked a girl you would mess with her and piss her off and stuff… Same principal.


Anonymous Poster (profile) says:

Dear Jack Thompson,

I am a longtime gamer. I have played games for around two decades now, and I’ve played everything from “Pong” to “Super Mario Bros.” to “Street Fighter” to “God of War”. I’ve seen the rise of violence in video games, and been around to hear about all the controversy around violent content. And after studying all the evidence and going over all the lawsuits and statements, I have come to a conclusion — you, sir, are a jackass.

You have repeatedly tried to destroy the First Amendment rights of Take Two Interactive by both threat of lawsuit and other legal motions — your attempt to get “Bully” pulled off shelves without a review of the content, thus acting as if you’re the Attorney General of Florida, is proof of that. (As an aside, I played “Bully”, and I find nothing objectionable in the game, and if I had a teenaged child who wanted to play it, I would let them without question. Notice, Jack, that I said “teenaged”, because the game IS rated “T / Teen”, after all.) You’ve tried to sue production companies and distribution houses for video games in an attempt to bolster not only your claims that video game violence somehow leads to real-world violence (a claim that, even today, is disputed), but your own wallet as well. You’ve tried to draft laws that would eradicate the First Amendment rights of game publishers by making it illegal to sell games featuring “objectionable content”, which is so open-ended in its language and intent that you could essentially prevent the sale of ANY game as long as you say it has “objectionable content”.

Now you not only are trying to prevent the release and sale of two Rockstar games six months in advance, you’re using Bible quotes in your letters and harassing possible investors of Take Two Interactive, threatening that you will bring consequences of “Biblical proportions” to them should they invest in Take Two.

You need to stop this, Jack. You’re out of touch with the general public. You’re a horrible lawyer with a penchant for grandstanding and self-aggrandizing so long as you get some press. And now, on top of that, you’re starting to sound like a religious zealot. You’re a horrible human being, Jack, and the sooner you give up your license to practice law and stay away from an issue and an industry you clearly don’t have any understanding of OR want any understanding of, the better off the industry, the Florida legal system, and the general public of the United States of America will be.

Sincerely yours,
Anonymous Poster

BulmaRO says:

Just Bravo.

i wouldn’t my self be close to say something as Anonymous Poster did.

i mean almost we all reading this play or have played videogames, street fighter, mortal kombat, you name it.. and still we’re not mentally unvalanced,.. at least not all of us.. so whats the point on jack’s play,,
in words of julius caesar “for the romans, bread and circus.”

this guy’s thing have to stop im anoyed already.-.. even i don’t play GTA’s too often im pissed couse dudes like this make the company’s twice before launching a game… geez.

att. BulmaRO

Midnight Voyager says:


There’s a judge down here that… how can I put this… would be a great match for Mr. Thompson. Her last name is Borg. Hee hee.

She managed to pull strings to get to be a judge. When NOBODY voted her back in, she… actually refused to vacate the office. Oh, and when she finally did, she locked the door and literally threw away the key. She also PUT OUT A WARRANT on the guy who serves legal papers to people. Yes. You heard me right. She figuratively shot the messenger.

Said messenger REALLY hopes she pushes the lawsuit so he can maybe set in motion her disbarment.

Lawrence D'Oliveiro says:

Vexatious litigant?

In Commonwealth law, I believe, it is possible, in extreme cases, to take the step of declaring somebody a “vexatious litigant”. That means they’ve been guilty of clogging up the legal system with useless lawsuits, and it puts much greater scrutiny on them if they try to bring any new ones.

Is the same sort of thing available in US law?

honico says:

Re: Vexatious litigant?

Our closest criteria may be a list (example: California) here: http://www.courtinfo.ca.gov/courtadmin/aoc/vexatious.htm where they are posted, listed and otherwise can be known publicly.

But, in the other bowl (since we’re holding the scale) we also have SLAPP (or, rather, anti-SLAPP):
-“Strategic Lawsuits Against Public Participation.” protection; should we, as ‘honorable’ (or otherwise) citizens be slapped with a Big-Money vs. outspoken-citizen suit.

…comparison non perfectio…

|333173|3|_||3 says:

Removed from the bar

Aren’t you supposed to remove from the bar anyone too far gone? Maybe the Florida Lawyers could get together and remove him for bringing the profession into isrepute or some such, or for abuse of his law liscence

T2 should sue him for evry category offence which vaguely covers being an annoying asshole, and forxe him to settle for a huge amount of moeney and a promise to never act against them in any way.

honico says:

Does the character "Half-cocked-JacK' ring familur

In the Neal Stephenson book series “The Baroque Cycle”, a rogue (but in this case lovable) syphilitic pirateer battles governments and countries–and wins. It’s rumor and windfall when the best-intentioned (tho ate-up) mind of ‘Jack Shaftoe is at work. He’ll swing in the end; metaphorically speaking, as H.C.Jack did… Anyone else see the similarity?

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